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1963 Agricultural Almanac offers ‘Merry Christmas’ recipe

Published 8:58pm Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I want to share a story with our Hartselle Enquirer readers this week from the “1963 Agricultural Almanac.”

The title is “Merry Christmas Recipe” and it reads as follows:

Take the crisp cold of a December night. Add two generous parts of snow. Stir in air so clear it tingles. Into a generous heart, mix the wonder of a little girl and sparkle of a little boy’s glance, the love of parents and set gently before the chimney side. Add the lightest touch of reindeer’s hooves, a sprig of holly, a scent of fir. Set the mixture to rise in the warmth of a dream of good will to men. Bake in an oven of kindness and tolerance.

It will be ready to serve when it bubbles with warmth and good feeling. Bedeck with the light of a star set in the East. Garnish with shining balls of gold, silver and red. Serve to the tune of an ancient carol in the middle of the family table. This recipe is sufficient for all the men and women you will ever meet. I hope that everyone enjoys this Christmas story as much as I did.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express Christian love and prayers this week for the following who are on the prayer list: Debra Oliver, Chester Campbell, Harold Tate, Billy Ray Bowling, Shirley Bibb, Rekita Swope, Glenn Jolley, Cecil Ensley, Larry Barnett, Kenneth Rober-son, Jerry Jordan, Olivia Alred, Gayla Gass, Sidney Woznicki, Barbara Gilles-pie, “Tut” McCaghren, Stephen Hamilton, Tina DeYong, Cindy Simmons, Steve Raley and Bobby Clark.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express Christian love and heartfelt prayers this week for the following soldiers and their families: Jeff Hartsfield-Afghanistan, Brandon Jones-Iraq, Derek Jones-Marines, Aaron Money-Afghan-istan, Jeremy White-Virginia, Jack C. Herbert, John Black, Joseph Hardin, Wes Parker-Ft. Rucker, Anthony Thomas, Matthew Young, Lee Thompson and Brad Wallace. May God bless all of our brave soldiers and their families and God bless America.

Jenny Asherbranner, librarian at the Falkville Library, welcomes everyone to come to the library and check out some great books to read. The library hours are listed as follows: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 5 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to noon.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church remember in loving memory this week Ruha Lee Roberts from Nov. 9, 1919 to June 28, 2009; Carole Sue Ramsey from Nov. 13, 1942 to Aug. 7, 2011; Pauline Moore from Nov. 18, 1915 to Jan. 23, 2008; and Bertie Price from Nov. 19, 1921 to Aug. 15, 2004.

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