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A look back to Dec. 5-Dec. 11, 1962

Published 5:45am Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dec. 5, 1962 – Hartselle fire hydrants were drained of water tonight to guard against their freezing during the current cold wave.

Dec. 5, 1962 – Duck-hunting season opened at noon today. It will last through Dec. 29. The daily bag limit is two, of which only one may be a mallard. To guard against tragic accidents, hunters should wear bright red, orange, or yellow clothing as a protective measure.

Dec. 5, 1962 – Mr. and Mrs. Horace Nelson, Hartselle 2, welcomed a baby girl into their family today.

Dec. 6, 1962 – County Agent Charles Rutledge and Home Demonstration Agent Lucille Hawkins were in Birmingham tonight for a banquet at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel. The purpose of the banquet was to honor Alabama’s most outstanding rural communities and for Morgan County that community is Neel.

Dec. 6, 1962 – Morgan County is not going to be as generous with its employees in granting time off at Christmas as Lawrence. Morgan employees are only going to have Christmas Day off. In neighboring Lawrence County, however, the governing body is giving workers a week off, from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve.

Dec. 6, 1962 – First Honor roll students at MCHS during the most recently completed six weeks of school included Jane Bennett, Billy Gibson, Bettye Oden, Dottie Orr, Sandra Minor, Carol Thompson, David Hartselle, Ann Orr, Christine Paulk, Beverly Penn, Glenda Copeland, Mac McCullough, June Bennett, Sandra Hartselle, Johnny Newton, Charles Penn, and Mary Frances Woodall.

Dec. 7, 1962 – The “Day of Infamy” of 21 short years ago was commemorated quietly at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, today. A boat continued to shuttle between the Island and the Arizona memorial national shrine dedicated on Memorial Day.

Dec. 7, 1962 – Gene Stallings, Alabama Crimson Tide defensive coach, spoke to the annual MCHS football banquet here tonight.

Dec. 8, 1962 – Hartselle businessman Grady Segars was well enough to go home from the hospital today.

Dec. 8, 1962 – Rev. D. R. Jarrett was in the pulpit at the Lebanon Church of God this afternoon, conducting funeral services for Sam Melson who passed away at the age of 67 on Thursday.

Dec. 8, 1962 – South of Hartselle, in Cullman, there was a big fire shortly after lunch today that destroyed six businesses. The most significant loss from many local residents’ perspective was the popular All Steak Restaurant which was a total loss. Trucks and firemen from Hartselle were dispatched to Cullman to help contain and ultimately put out the blaze.

Dec. 9, 1962 – Glenn Crook, who both owns and manages the new Han-D-Way Food Market was arrested today, the reason being that his store was open on Sunday contrary to the Alabama blue law. (Conviction in Mayor Grady Long’s recorders court followed on Dec. 11..)

Dec. 10, 1962 – Hartselle residents who subscribe to the Sunday New York Times won’t be getting a paper this week. The printers union has struck all daily newspapers in the city. (At this time New York had nine dailies. Currently, Alabama’s three largest cities have no daily newspapers.)

Dec. 10, 1962 – Local ski enthusiasts began heading for Gatlinburg today for the beginning of the season. It lasts until March 15. The average annual snowfall of 65 inches is supplemented by the nation’s largest capacity snow-making compressor.

Dec. 11, 1962 – Hartselle municipal as well as Joe Wheeler customers experienced a power failure of 15 minutes’ duration today. It was caused by several power lines getting overloaded. The new gas plant now under construction should prevent a recurrence but in the meantime power customers will be paying substantially larger bills until they can switch to gas heat

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