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City schools experience onset of colds, influenza

Published 11:45am Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hartselle City Schools, some more than others, are experiencing an outbreak of colds and flu.

Hartselle Junior High has been hit the hardest. It postponed seventh and eighth grade basketball games with Cedar Ridge on Monday because of the number of players suffering from respiratory infections.

“Our attendance started dropping around the middle of last week,” said Principal Don Pouncey” and it has continued to worsen. “We don’t know the cause of all the absences but we‘ve had several parents call in and confirm that their children have the flu.” Two teachers were among those suffering from flu.

Crestline Elementary School reported 24 students out on Tuesday. However, school nurse Gary Owns said that number is about average.

“We have a lot of students sneezing and coughing,” he pointed out, “and we have several confirmed cases of flu. “We’re urging students to practice good hygiene and asking parents not to send their children to school if they are running a fever and have cold or flu symptoms.

Barkley Bridge reported five or student students our due to colds or flu and Burleson Elementary confirmed that several of its students are out with respiratory illnesses.

Hartselle High School assistant principal Bob Young said 10 to 15 students were absent on Tuesday, or about the average for this time of the year.

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