Morgan County Marriage Licenses for Dec. 12

Published 12:19pm Wednesday, December 12, 2012

•Bruce Edward Worley, 3/10/1957 of Decatur to Janice Lynn Earls, 11/ 14/1960, of Decatur.

•Loryn Dale Moore, 9/13/1964 of Decatur to Kathleen Patricia Haber-man, 12/3/1970, of Decatur.

•Robert Wayne Wilhite, 11/17/1968 of Hartselle to Luann Dickinson Morgan 11/25/1976, of Hartselle.

•David Terry Hogan, 7/15/1945 of Decatur to Emma Jean King, 11/13/1948, of Trinity.

•Garry Robert Grove, 12/1/1946 of Decatur to Melissa Kay Lafarlett, 1/20/1953, of Somerville.

•Seth Clark Russell, 5/24/1991 of Hartselle to Sarah Elizabeth Goodman, 10/4/1993, of Falkville.

•Hassan Dabaso Jattan, 10/23/1978 of Decatur to Biftu Tadesse Morka, 1/1/1985, of Decatur.

•Melvin Wayne Osborne, 3/4/1960 of Decatur to Queen Ester Thompson, 3/15/1957, of Decatur.

•James Martin Bonner, 12/31/1990 of Falkville to Odessia Lee Wills, 9/27/1988, of Falkville.

•Jeffrey Alan Yoakum, 1/15/1970 of Falkville to Tracey Leigh Yoakum, 7/16/1971, of Falkville.

•Spencer Gregory Miller, 9/8/1989 of Decatur to Katharine Anna Frank, 8/4/1984, of Decatur.

•Larry Anthony Galbreath, 5/8/1977 of Hartselle to Cassandra Lekay Gal-breath, 7/30/1981, of Hartselle.

•Norman Alan Sanders, 12/5/1970 of Lacey’s Spring to Kristen Amber Davis, 2/5/1985, of Lacey’s Spring.

•Larry Jason Woodard, 10/2/1984 of Hartselle to Mercedes Dawn Dubose, 5/17/1991, of Hartselle.

•Chad Ellis Garrie, 10/10/1978 of Trinity to Laura Denise Fagan, 9/11/1979, of Hartselle.

•Patrick Nathainel Ivy, 6/13/1989 of Decatur to Summar Rae Hargrove, 6/3/1994, of Falkville.

•Christopher Neal Cathers, 11/28/1982 of Hartselle to Laura May Winkler, 3/27/1985, of Hartselle.

•Jonathan William Heinkel, 2/10/1988 of Decatur to Anna Michelle Gibson, 9/7/1991, of Killen.


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