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City schools stress safety

Published 4:00pm Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A red flag went up in Hartselle schools immediately after news broke about the massacre of 20 elementary school children in Newtown. Conn. on Friday.

“I emailed our principals and asked them to review their safety plans,” said superintendent Dr. Mike Reid. “Then, I talked with Police Chief Ron Puckett this morning (Monday) and asked him if he would let his police officers conduct extra patrolling around our schools as a precautionary measure.”

“Our safety policies and procedures are subject to an annual review and approval of the State Department of Education,” he pointed out. “Our principals will be meeting with the police department in January to go over our policies and make any recommendation they may have to update them. Maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for our children is a primary concern of our school system.”

Reid said his concern that some parents might keep their children at home on Monday because of the Connecticut tragedy was unfounded.

“Our enrollment was up today compared to what it was on Friday,” he pointed out.

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