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A look back at to Christmas 1962

Published 11:12am Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26, 1962–Mr. and Mrs. Robert Orr and son, Larry, of Miden, La., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Orr during the holidays.

December 27, 1962–Morgan County Representative Albert Brewer was tapped by incoming Governor George Wallace to be speaker of the Alabama House today. As a matter of custom, Brewer will be formally elected by the House when it convenes in organizational session in late January.

December 27, 1962–An effort to rob Edgerton’s Grocery at Lacey’s Spring early this morning failed

because Mr. Edgerton had wisely equipped the front door of his business with deadbolts. Glass in the doors was broken but the would-be thieves could not get inside the store.

December 28, 1962–John T. Kyle, Jr., age 51, passed away tonight at Hartselle Hospital. Funeral services will be Sunday afternoon at First Methodist. Mr. Kyle was a long-time employee of the Hartselle Post Office. His colleagues there–Leo Barclift, Hugh Penn, Millard O’Bar, Dee Owen, Oneal Penn, and Leonard Doss–will serve as pallbearers.

December 29, 1962–Amanda Kay Owens is in Hartselle Hospital tonight as a result of injuries she sustained in a wreck near the eastern city limits early today. The accident occurred when she lost control of the 1960 Plymouth she was driving.

December 29, 1962–Several Hartselle hunters report that the duck season, which came to an end late this afternoon, was the least successful for them ever. Weather conditions of late have not been conducive to duck procreation and nesting.

December 30, 1962–Remarkably, unlike the five previous Sundays, no one was arrested as a blue law violator at Hartselle’s Han-D-Way Market today. The store was closed because owner-operator Glenn Crook and a few of his employees were taking inventory.

December 31, 1962—Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stone are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Susan Rose, born this New Year’s Eve at Block-Chandler Hospital.

December 31, 1962–The new national chain of “McDonald’s” hamburger franchises is coming to this area–even if not immediately to Hartselle. Ray A. Kroc, chairman of the McDonald’s board, announces that a restaurant will be built in Decatur on Sixth Avenue. Food will be available for take-out only. There is no provision for eating the new burgers on site. The burgers will sell for 15 cents each.

December 31, 1962—About 200 couples will be observing New Year’s Eve tonight in different circumstances than a year ago. This is because a little over 200 divorces (201) were granted in Morgan County during the year ending today. This compares to 162 in 1961, a 24

Per cent increase.

December 31, 1962—If, despite warnings not to do so, people drive after drinking tonight, and are injured in car wrecks, they would be in bad shape if they needed blood and had to depend on this year’s donations. Although doctors administered 620 pints, only a little over half this number (332) was donated.

January 1, 1963–The Alabama Crimson Tide rolled over the Oklahoma Sooners by a lopsided score of 17-0 in this afternoon’s Orange Bowl. President Kennedy was among the tens of thousands of fans on hand to see the game and actually tossed the coin before the kickoff.

January 1, 1963—Hartselle Postmaster Hugh Penn reminds aliens residing in the Hartselle that they should register themselves on forms the post office supplies sometime before this month is over.

January 1, 1963—George Romney became the first Republican governor to be sworn in as governor of Michigan in 14 years today. In his inaugural address, the new governor asserted that, “Successful conduct of the people’s government must be based on a deep belief in a divine Creator, and the strong conviction that there is nothing equal to spiritual faith in the day-to-day conduct of either personal or governmental affairs.” (He was the father of unsuccessful presidential candidate Mitt Romney.)

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