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Watch night service at New Center Baptist

Published 10:22am Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On Sunday morning December 16, the sanctuary of New Center Baptist church was decorated with poinsettias placed in honor of and given in memory of family and friends.

Poinsettias were given in memory of: Jennifer Austin by Teresa and Frankie Lackey; Seth and Erline Ballew, David and Elillion McMinemon by Dale and Brenda McMinemon; Paul Blankenship, husband of Joyce Blankenship; Ray Blankenship, son of Joyce Blankenship; Blankenship and Maples by C. L. Moore; (Bessie) Bea Howard, mother of Betty Doris and grandmother of Dee Walker; Howard Keel and Bertie Lee Johnson, parents of Teresa Lackey; Buford and Clara Lee Maples, parents of Evelyn Motes; Andrew and Ruth Motes, parents of Fred Motes; A.D. Motes and Margaret Motes by Fred and Evelyn Motes; McKinley Chice Montgomery, great-granddaughter of Milton and JoAnn Montgomery; Kelvis (Bud) Posey, son of Buddy and Mary Posey; Carl Anthony Blankenship Jr., grandson of Buddy and Mary Posey; Bessie and Henry Posey, parents of Mary Posey; Bill Milam and Linda Sparks, brother and sister of Mary Posey; and Tim Cowart, grandson of Buddy and Mary Posey.

Poinsettias placed in honor of my husband, Hoyt McCaghren by Glendell McCaghren; our children and grandchildren, Barry, Lori, Chelsea, Carli and Makayla by Milton and Joann Montgomery; and Mable Dorris, mother of Tommy Dorris.

On Sunday evening David Patterson and Betty Patterson attended a Christmas play “Peanut Butter Christmas” at Somerville Baptist Church in which their granddaughter, Anna Patterson, participated.

I hope each and everyone experienced a wonderful Christmas season with your family and friends. May each of you have a happy New Year as well.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Daniel Fichter on Dec. 26, Zachary Lewis, Ed Allen and Brenda McMinemon on Dec. 27, Linda Edwards on Dec. 28, Barbara Hanners Ash, Brandi Terry and Beau England on Dec. 29, Austin Bordon, Larry Winton and Brandon Starnes on Dec. 30, Charlie Cook on December 31.

Happy anniversary to Milton and JoAnn Montgomery on Dec. 28, Ronnie and Andrea Ferguson on Dec. 31.

Make plans to join the Fellowship Quartet for their homecoming/watch night service at New Center Baptist Church on Monday, Dec. 31, at 7 p.m.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to the families of Irvin White and Anita Lacy and also to those who lost their loved ones at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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