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County adds $1.2M to reserve

Published 12:22pm Thursday, December 27, 2012

Morgan County’s financial condition took a turn for the better in fiscal 2011-2012 thanks to less spending combined with an increase in tax revenue.

The county had $447,255 left in its general fund after all expenses were paid as of Sept. 20, 2012, according to figures released in a year-end financial report. In addition, $700,000 was accrued from a health insurance rebate and higher than anticipated tax revenues.

“Nearly every department came in under budget,” said Commission Chairman Ray Long.

“The credit is due to our elected officials and department heads for being wise and conservative with taxpayer dollars, along with the addition of $700,000 in unanticipated revenue.

“We were fortunate in being able to add $1.2 million to our reserve fund, he added. “It’s important for us to have money in reserve so that we can respond in a positive manner to any emergency that might come up.”

Long said 10 percent budget cuts the commission made in departmental budgets in the prior fiscal year also contributed to the savings.

“Our department heads and elected officials took our budget crisis seriously,” Long pointed out “It’s one thing to say it, but we’ve got the numbers to show that we’ve got accountable people handling our taxpayer dollars.”

Departments that came in under budget in fiscal 2011-2012, are listed with savings as follows:

Commission office: $199,421, or 16 percent

Sheriff’s Department: $167,336, or 2 percent

Courthouse maintenance: $41,000, or 4 percent

Revenue Commissioner’s office: $20,503, or 6 percent

Probate Judge’s office: $21,000, or 4 percent

Board of Registrars: $13,000, or 7 percent

Animal Control: $23,000, or 9 percent

Parks & Recreation: $9,000, or 8 percent


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