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Christmas continues to be a special day for Motes family

Published 11:53am Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas day is still a very important holiday for Fred and Evelyn Motes and their family. Not only does the family recognize this day as the day of the birth of Jesus Christ but also they enjoy sharing family time together in their home. The family enjoyed lunch together and afterward everyone met in the living room, held hands in a circle, had prayer and then had the opportunity to share anything they wanted to, and then exchanged gifts. This year their granddaughters, Kayla Widener and Meagan Hargrove and her husband Darren weren’t able to be there on Christmas Day but did visit at another time. All had a wonderful time. Thank you Daddy and Momma for bringing our family up to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Meeting at Ryan’s recently for lunch were Fred and Evelyn Motes, John Motes and friend Mildred, Loretta Coleman, Lois Hill, Linda Stewart, Javon Alldredge, Darian and Rachel Tucker, Neal Curtis and Gage Crowder.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to Jerry and Patsy Creel and their family in the loss of Jerry’s dad, John Creel.

Christian love and sympathy go out to Lucille Kerwood and Robert and Terri Hopper in the loss of Lucille’s son and Robert’s brother, Randy Hopper.

Christian love and sympathy are extended to the family of J.D. Williams. Mr. Williams passed away Dec. 24, 2012. He was mayor of Somerville for many years.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Linda Barr on Jan. 1, Martha Loney on Jan. 3, Krista Casper, Ariana Rogers and Betty Lucas, all on Jan. 4, Maelin Rogers on Jan. 5, Angia Smith, Jessica Davis and Mark Emerson, all on Jan 6, Carter Hendrix and Joe Hollis, both on Jan. 7 and Amber Robinson and Kym Champion, both on Jan. 8.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes to Chris and Kym Champion.

Once again time has arrived to make my New Year’s resolutions. Making them is easy, but keeping them is a problem.

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