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A look back to new beginnings

Published 4:00pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The early part of a New Year is a time when many changes are made, not only in the business world but in other areas of life as well.

Jan. 9, 1989 – The reaction to Ron Wilson’s first sermon preached as the new minister of the Hartselle Baptist church has been very favorable.

Jan. 9, 1958 – Charles Rowe has resigned his position as vocational agriculture instructor at M.C.H.S. and begun working in Decatur as joint service supervisor and counselor for the blind and severely handicapped.

Jan. 9, 1955 – Clyde Maples began a four-year term today as a member of the county board of revenue (county commission) representing district 3.

Jan. 10, 1908 – Dr. H. C. McRee of Hartselle is the new vice president of the Morgan County Medical society. Other Hartselle medical men in leadership positions are Dr. S. L. Rountree as county health officer and Dr. T. B. Brindley as county poor house physician.

Jan. 10, 1936 – W. A. McClanahan has purchased the Freeman Hardware Co., located near the Kimbrough stable.

Jan. 10, 1944 – John Henry Bodley left today for Ft. McClellan for his final physical examination prior to entering the armed services.

Jan. 10, 1954 – R. L. Sherrill celebrated his 82nd birthday today. He is one of Hartselle’s most loyal Republicans and campaigned actively for the election of President Eisenhower.

Jan. 10, 1957 – Robert Clemons has purchased the Star Market.

Jan. 11, 1895 – Enquirer Editor J. A. Rountree started on his mid-winter excursion around the world with his fellow-editors.

Jan. 11, 1909 – One of the pioneer citizens of this county, Sam Dutton, died at his home near Basham Gap last Friday. Mr. Dutton was about 71 years old and lived here all of his life. He was buried at the Herring graveyard.

Jan. 11, 1927 – Ralph Slate was born. He was elected by Morgan County voters to be both their solicitor (district attorney) and member of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Jan. 11, 1934 – F. E. Burleson is president of the new local education support group.

Jan. 11, 1946 – First Sgt. Charles C. Oden arrived home after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army Engineers following two years of active service in the Pacific theatre of war.

Jan. 11, 1949 – Charles Penn had his tonsils out today.

Jan. 11, 1973 – Billy Charles Tanner has offered $93,000 for Hitler’s car.

Jan. 12, 1956 – The opening of its new wing gives the Hartselle Hospital a 26-bed capacity.

Jan. 12, 1958 – Frank Stewart left for Ft. Knox, Ky., where he will spend the next six months on a tour of Army duty.

Jan. 12, 1961 – -Hartselle residents will now have to pay 50 cents a month for garbage collection.

Jan. 13, 1958 – Jack W. Hoffhaus, publisher of The Hartselle Enquirer, is the new president of the Hartselle Chamber of Commerce.

Jan. 14, 1938 – Robert Harold was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold


Jan. 14, 1954 – It’s off again into the wild blue yonder for Hartselle’s popular young city councilman, Buddy Rodgers, who has been called back into active service with the Air Force.

Jan. 14, 1954 – Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Duncan announce the birth of a son, Jan. 11, at Block Clinic. The baby has been named Conley Ames.

Jan. 15, 1955 – There is a move on at Flint to incorporate.


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