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Morgan Commission OKs aerial photo upgrade

Published 12:24pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Private airplanes equipped with high tech cameras will be criss-crossing Morgan County later this winter to record changes that have occurred on the ground over the past three years.

The work will be done by the Atlantic Group at a cost of $59,702.68 and will result in an aerial photography and planimetic update, resulting from action taken by the Morgan County Commission at its regular meeting on Tuesday morning.

Chairman Ray Long was authorizedi to execute two contracts with the Atlantic Group. One is for Morgan County and is a budgeted item to be funded through the Morgan County Engineering Depart-ment. Its cost will be $29,851 and will be shared by nine governing bodies. The other is in the same amount and is for the Morgan County Revenue Commissioner’s Office, payable from the Appraisal Budget.

Chief County Engineer Greg Bodley said the information obtained from the photographs will include sizes and shapes of buildings, roads, power lines etc. Changes that have occurred on the ground since the last survey was made are the target of the project.”

The governing body also authorized the chairman to enter into a contract with Governmental Services Inc. to provide professional grant management services for a $50,000 Land and Water Conservation Grant to upgrade the recreational facilities at Brindley Mountain Park in Dist. 4.

The grant was obtained with the assistance of State Sen. Arthur Orr. It will be used to provide lighting for two new multi-purpose playing fields.

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