Hartselle resident Glenda Yarbrough displays copy of her third murder mystery, “Back to Midnight.” | Clif Knight

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Hartselle author pens third murder mystery

Published 11:52am Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“Back To Midnight” is the title of a newly released murder mystery written by Glenda Yarbrough of Hartselle.

The 400-page paperback is Yarbrough’s third published novel, following “Under the Fish Pond,” and “Petals of Deception.” Its plot centers around an unsolved murder of a white woman that occurred in Lawrence County in the 1960’s. Its cast of characters include an impatient sheriff and an ambitious district attorney. They have a long list of suspects but very few clues. The victim‘s family is restless and putting pressure on law enforcement to find the killer.

“I was a little girl when the murder took place,” Yarbrough said. “The fact that it turned out to be a cold case intrigued me and fueled my imagination. “I wanted to dig into it and put my thoughts and ideas in print.”

“But it’s not a factual account,” she pointed out. “It’s a product of my imagination.”

“I think this is my best piece of finished work, Yarbrough stated. The reader will find it compelling and hard to put down.”

Yarbrough contracted the “writer’s itch” when she was a seventh grader in school and hasn’t stopped.

“The first thing I wrote was an English assignment,” she recalled. “That did it for me. I’ve been writing every since.

“But that doesn’t mean I‘ve not had to do other things to put food on the table. “I’ve worked in a factory, helped run a business, been a janitor and even worked as a house painter at one time.”

Copies of “Back to Midnight” are available at www.amazon.com or at Priceville Book Store. They may also be purchased by contacting the author at 256-773-3889.

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