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Rescued dog needs loving home

Published 11:54am Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I want to share a personal story this week with our Hartselle Enquirer readers.

About three and one-half months ago, I got up on a Sunday morning and to my surprise there was a dog asleep in my carport. The dog was nearly starved to death and you could see all of her ribs and backbone as well as she also had a crippled back leg. By the grace of God and a lot of good food and care, she is now in perfect health and as you can see from her photo, she has made a really beautiful American Boxer bulldog. I named her Miss Festus and I judge her to be about one year of age. She is still in her puppy stage of life. I have to keep her tied and I also have a small dog, which I keep inside, and he is so very jealous if I pet Miss Festus. I am trying to place her in a good loving home with people who will love her, play with her and be good to her. Anyone interested in Miss Festus can call me at, 256-460-5479 or email me at, I hope and pray that I can place Miss Festus in a good, loving home.

Special belated happy birthday wishes go out this week to Mason Yaudes on Jan. 27 and Julie Campbell, Landon Sims, Amber Miller and Adam Mason, all on Jan. 29. Happy birthday wishes also go out this week to Hannah Burch and Aren McNutt on January 31.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Don and Doris Clark as they celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary on Wed., Jan. 30.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express Christian love and heartfelt prayers this week for the following folks who are on the prayer list: Courtney Camper, Shirley Bibb, Laura Campbell, Loretta H. Headly, Judy and Jim Barlow, Ruby Terry, Debra Oliver, Rekita Swope, Jerry Jordan, Bobby Clark, Kathy Garner, Carolyn Turrentine, Jana Terry, Sidney Woznicki, Tut McCaghren, Tina DeYong, Cindy Simmons, Steve Raley and Larry Barnett.

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