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Action plan, part #6

Published 1:08pm Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Goals and strategies were developed over a three-year period to help Hartselle grow and improve as a community. Elected officials, business owners and community leaders were involved. The product they came up with was approved by the city council on Nov. 6, 2011, under the tile of “Hartselle Strategic Acton Plan, 2011–2016,” and led to the city’s designation as an “Alabama Community of Excellence.”

A review of the 12-page document reflects the virtues of a concise and well-written plan but leaves much to be desired as far as its implementation is concerned.

The #6 goal in the plan is to address quality of life issues in the community.

The #1 strategy to accomplish this goal is to support a community-based leadership development program. This can be done by providing multiple opportunities for public involvement through forums, town meetings, concerts, festivals and community improvement projects.

The #2 strategy is to facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration among city government, education and business stakeholders. Possible actions steps include: Involve groups with special interests on committees with related interests; expand the number of neighborhood groups to ensure that all segments of the community are involved in community activities and issues; involve more neighborhood groups in cleanup or beautification projects, and inventory neighborhood resources,including people skills and physical assets.

The #3 strategy is to promote historic preservation. Possible action steps are: Identify and document the historic resources of the city to include individual properties, sites and districts; develop a marketing plan to promote those sites or properties; and nominate eligible properties for listing on either the Alabama Historic Register or the National Register of Historic Places

The #5 strategy is to strengthen sports programs and recreation. Suggested ways to accomplish this is to examine and determine if existing sports programs can be financially self-sustaining or profitable; and use existing tourism promotion resources to promote sports program and facilities.

Targeted as lead organizations for implementation of the plan are: Department of Development, Chamber of Commerce, Mayor, City Council, Morgan County Economic Development Association, Hartselle Development Board, Hartselle City Schools and state and federal agencies.

This plan was completed 14 months ago. Time is wasting and the needs are crucial to our community’s future. Let’s not wait another year to get the ball rolling.

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