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Commission OKs funds for Hartselle grant match

Published 11:32am Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Morgan County Commission is helping Hartselle Fire & Rescue obtain a federal matching grant for the upgrade of radio communications.

The governing body voted unanimously at its Tuesday meeting to put up $2,500 of a $4,500 local match to help the city qualify for an $18,000 grant from the State Homeland Security agency.

In requesting the county’s assistance, Hartselle Fire Chief Steve Shelton told Commission Chairman Ray Long the grant is needed “to upgrade our radio from VHF to a new 700 digital frequency.”

He pointed out that Hartselle Fire & Rescue is now using Morgan County 911 Central Dispatch to handle incoming calls for fire and medical emergency services.

“This upgrade would enable us to move in the same direction that 911 is going,” he stated, “and we have only until May 31, 2013, to meet the grant deadline. Unfortunately, the city does not have the funds needed at this time to provide the 25% local match requirement.”

The commission also set aside April 22-25 and April 27 as “Spring Cleanup” in Morgan County.

The annual observance gives Morgan County residents the opportunity to use the Decatur-Morgan County Landfill at Trinity free of charge for the disposal of acceptable waste items. In addition, the four commission district shops will accept unserviceable household items from 7 to 11 a.m. on Sat., Apr. 27.

The commission acted on other matters as follows:

•Rejected all bids for courthouse elevator maintenance and authorized the chairman to re-advertise for bids.

•Approved payment of $4,174.50 to Caddell & Shanks P.C. for legal services provided during January.

•Approved payment of $3,287.10 to Trident Insurance as a deductible on a claim for Glenda Lockhart of the sheriff’s department.

•Approved payment of $1,067.50 to Charles Sherrod for consulting services for EMA Hazard Mitigation Grants.

•Approved payment of $10,250 to Nelson Engineering Associates for services related to the Somerville Senior Center project.

•Approved a resolution in support of a local bill that would qualify the Morgan County Coroner to participate in the Retirement System of Alabama.

•Approved a certificate to subdivide property for Edward R. Norbut III and Sherri Norbut of Hillside View Rd. in District 4.

•Approved a $7,301.70 local match for the purchase of a 2013 Braun Corp. Dodge Entervan for the Morgan County Area Transportation Service.

•Reappointed Chad Brooks to a six-year term on the Northeast Morgan County Water Board.

•Authorized the chairman to execute the 2012-013 Morgan County Narcotic and Violent Crime Grant from ADECA in the amount of $90,718.

•Approved $1,000 for the Sheriff’s Special Needs Rodeo, payable out of the Contingency Fund.

•Approved $2,500 for the Spring Racking Horse Breeders’ Association Horse Show and $350 for the Sheriff’s Rodeo.

•Authorized District 3 Commissioner Don Stisher to donate $500 to the Princess Theatre, payable out of the District 3 Road and Bridge Fund.

•Appointed Tim Lovelace to a three-year term on NARCOG’s Revolving Loan Fund Committee.

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