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Falkville track features quantity, quality

Published 12:05pm Monday, March 4, 2013

Lauren Estes
Special to the Enquirer

After finishing the guys finished 11th and the girls finished third in state last year, head coaches Keith and Karen Wilemon believe like all other Falkville athletic programs, the drop from 2A- to 1A will be an asset for the Track and field program this season.

“I think the transition will help us, especially track athletes individually, but Cedar Bluff, a 1A school will be a tough competitor,” said Coach Karen Wilemon. “I believe our boys have an excellent chance of winning state, the girls will be tough but they stand a chance for the the state title as well.”

Wilemon is excited about the depth this season has, bringing out over 50 athletes for the two teams.

“We have not had these numbers since the 2007 season,” said Karen Wilemon. “It’s not even about the quantity, we have quality athletes that are genuinely excited about the sport.”

With three female seniors and one male senior, juniors and underclassman will be the primary players for this team. According to Wilemon, it’s tight-knit bunch which will be beneficial.

“Our older athletes have really taken charge and taken the younger ones under their wing,” said Wilemon. “We we’re watching the upperclassman at practice today encouraging and running with the younger ones on the final stretches of their events and it’s great for us to see that these are the types of kids we are working with this season.”

The coaches usually pick captains based on the leadership they see early on in the season, and Mrs. Wilemon mentioned this year, it will not be an easy decision, which is not a bad problem to have.

“We have such a great group of kids,” said Wilemon. “I watched Cade (Wilemon) and Aaron (Estes) running together after practice today. It’s not just them, but several others just have a heart to get better everyday and are willing to put forth the extra effort. It’s going to be tough to pick captains with so many leaders already on the team.”

Senior Tiana Drinkard won state in javelin last year but has bigger goals for herself and her team than solely coming back with a gold medal on her final track season with the Blue Devils.

“My individual goals are to go to state and win javelin again this year. I would also like to win in discus and score in shot put,” said Drinkard. “Our team goal though is to go to state and win it, both the boys and the girls. On the smaller scale of things, we all want to do our best in every practice and meet and get better over the season. We have a lot of talent on our team, and I see us breaking P.R.’s (personal records) and winning meets this year.”

Canaan Smith, a junior who also throws javelin focuses on his goals with a little different strategy.

“I look forward to the very first meet, which is usually at Winfield,” said Smith. “That’s when I’ll see where I’m at with my throwing and at the end of the season where I can be. I also like to show the others in javelin who they’re going to have to beat. We’re competitive, it’s our spirit that really makes our team special.”

Senior Amber Riddle says the track teams are already aware who their biggest competitors will be, (outside of their own team.)

“Our main goal is to beat Cedar Bluff for the State Championships,” said Riddle. “Both their boys and girls teams have won it six years in a row and our goal is not to let there be a seventh for either. I think transitioning to 1A with help us individually, but beating Cedar Bluff will be difficult because they have such diversity.”

Falkville will begin their season on Thur., March 7, at Mortimer Jordan’s Spring Invitational.

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