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Falkville man leads I-65 cleanup project

Published 12:36pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Falkville resident George Miller is tired of looking at the littered ramp on I-65 and he’s doing something about it.

Miller spoke to Falkville Mayor Bob Ramey and town councilman about the condition of the on- and off-ramps at Love’s Travel Center at Monday night’s regular monthly meeting.

“My wife and I used the ramp on our way to Cullman a few days ago,” Miller said, “and we were shocked to see all of the litter and trash. It looked like the Morgan County dump.

“I decided if no one else was going to clean it up, I’d do it myself,” he added. “I’m going to be there Saturday at 11 a.m. to pick up litter and I welcome any public-spirited citizens who are willing to work to join me.

“Litter is the first thing travelers see when they exit I-65 at Falkville,” Miller pointed out. “I can’t imagine that it leaves a good impression of our town. We need to clean up and keep it that way.”

Mayor Ramey told Miller he would post a sign at town hall announcing the Saturday cleanup and invite volunteers to help.

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