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Falkville Elementary holds science project fair

Published 2:06pm Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Falkville Elementary School recently announced its winners for its 2012-2013 Science Project Fair.

Projects winning the title of Best of Show were “Up Your Heart Rate” by Brantleigh Williams in the category of Health and Human Body and “Go for the Mold” by Laney Husley in the category of Chemical Science.

Other winners in the health and human body category were “Droopy Diapers” by Haley McClendon and “The Proof is in the Prints” by Eli Teague, both for second place, and “Amazing Taste Buds” by Gia Tankersley and “Favorite Laundry Soaps” by Andrew Harris, both receiving honorable mention.

In environmental science, Haley Owens took first place for “Here’s The Spill About Oil and Plants.” Second place went to Renie Shedd for “Soak It Up!!!!.” Honorable mention was awarded to Alyzea Aquero “Space of Air,” Jordan Bates for “What Gets Warmer Faster, Land or Water?”, Daquan Charlott for “Tornado in a Bottle” and Andrew Kritner for “Air Pollution and Its Effect on the Ozone Layer.”

First place winners in the Chemical Science category were Annabelle Vest for “Help, I’m Melting,” Sabastian Burton for “Bubble Lasting” and Kaitlyn Smith for “The Amazing Self Inflating Balloon.” Second place was awarded to Emily Wilhite for “Cookie Wars- Applesauce vs. Butter,” Gabe Dailey for “Blobs in a Bottle,” Shaquay Jones for “Crystals” and Wyatt Tomlin for “Egg Speriment.”

Third place awards went to Sidney Free for “Penny For Your Thoughts,” Madison McClendon for “Stain Fighters,” Savannah Robinson for “How to Make Water Glow,” Julie Beavers for “Pick a Polish,” Tyler Braswell for “The Mighty Mold,” Lana Atchley for “Candle Wonder,” Savannah Fowler for “Self Inflated Balloon,” Ally Harris for “Sucking Salt Solution,” Dalton Marsh for “Rock Candy,” Hunter Narmore for “The Bouncin’ Egg” and Shannon Harville for “Immersion Copper Plating.” Honorabl mention winners were Diamond West for “Raw Egg Peeler,” Austin Leverett for “Soap Bubble,” Madison Puckett for “Bubbleology” and Kimberly Roy for “Can Crush Experiment.”

In Physical Science, Christian Angelo and Sydnee Fitzgerald won first place for “It’s Electrifying” and “The Dancing Spring,” respectively. Second place winners were Tyler Olson for “The Life and Death of a Fire,” Kameryn Scales for “Fruit Battery” and Mersadies Harris for “Mousetrap Car.”

Third place went to Kaden Bennett for “How to Bend Water With Static Electricity,” Austin Holmes for “Lemon Juice,” Hunter Kilgore for “Rocket Science” and Caleb Curvin for “Balloon Rocket.”

Those receiving honorable mention were Bethany Hill for “Amazing Beautiful Rainbow Colored Bubbles,” Alex Powell for “Meteors,” Jesse Miller for “A Modern Application of Franklin’s Bell,” Justise Thomas for “Egg Shells,” Allyson Shadden for “Veggie Power,” Hunter Tillman for “To Prevent An Egg From Cracking” and Heather Wilson for “Let Me Put Your Fire Out.”

The Biological Science first place winner was Emma Lee for “Tulips: With or Without Fertilizer.” Second place awards went to Breanna Eddy for “Rooting for Rot” and AbbyGayle Mitchell for “Spotted: How Water Is Transported Through Plants.” Third place went to Elijah Bradford for “Stalactite Brothers.” Honorable mention winners were Makenzie Veal for “Stopping Spoilage” and Gabe Terry for “The Difference Between a Hammerhead And A Great White Shark.

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