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Shady Grove Baptist Church to host Good Friday Service

Published 10:47am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The members of Shady Grove Baptist Church will host a “Good Friday Service and Communion,” Fri., March 29, at 6 p.m. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday and at first glance it appears inconsistent that the day of crucifixion should in any way be described as “good.”

That seeming inconsistency vanishes when we understand that the ancient meaning of “good” was “holy.” The word “holy” is entirely consistent with the suffering and cross of our Lord. Everyone is invited to attend the Good Friday Service and Communion.

Danville-Neel Ele-entary School students will be out of school for spring break, Mon. through Fri., March 25-29.

I hope that all students have a safe and happy spring break with their families and friends.

Special belated happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Joey and Stoshia Logan for their 19th wedding anniversary on March 19. Wonderful happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Joseph and Kayla Thomas for their third wedding anniversary on March 20; and Mark and Julie Campbell for their 17th wedding anniversary on March 23.

Special belated happy birthday wishes go out this week to Marsha Roberts on March 18. Happy birthday wishes also go out this week to Delaney Emmon as she celebrates on March 23.

I hope that all of our Hartselle Enquirer readers are enjoying Daylight Saving Time, which was started on March 10, when we all spring forward an hour.

I have not gotten used to the new time as of yet, but I am enjoying the extra hour of daylight, when it is not cold and windy, that is.

I would like to wish a happy birthday in memory this week to the following famous people in history whose birthdays are in March: Inventor, Alexander Graham Bell on March 3rd, poet Elizabeth B. Browning on March 5, General Philip H. Sheridan on March 6, cartoonist H.C. Davenport on March 8, classical composer Johann Strauss on March 14, President Andrew Jackson on March 15, President James Madison on March 16, President Grover Cleveland on March 18, preacher D.B. Lyman on March 27, soldier Wade Hampton on March 28, President John Tyler on March 29, author John Fisk on March 30 and William Waldorf Astor on March 31.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church remember in loving memory this week Ottie Lou Self from March 6, 1930, to Nov. 2006 and Fay Edwards from March 22, 1931, to June 25, 2007.

I would like to share a joke with our readers this week that I thought was cute. The joke from the 1959 McDonald’s Farmers Almanac.

It reads as follows:

The teacher looked sternly at the boy. “I am told you went to the movies yesterday instead of coming to school.”

“That’s not true,” said the boy, “and I’ve got two fish to prove it.”


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