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Commission accepts bid for senior center project

Published 5:25pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morgan County Commission approved a low base bid of $254,176 and an alternate bid of $3,959 from E Tech Construction for a new senior center project in Somerville at an adjourned meeting on Thursday.

Ten bids were received. The alternate bid provides heat pumps for cooling and gas units for heating the building.

The building design is similar to the senior center at Neel, which was constructed about two years ago. However, it does not include a safe room because a town storm shelter is located nearby.

District 2 Commissioner Randy Vest said district funds will be used to construct the building and district personnel and equipment will be used for grading, leveling and construction of a building pad and landscaping work.

“We’ve been waiting for the ground to dry to do our work,” Vest said. “Hopefully, that opportunity will come soon and we can get the project underway.”

The building will be located north of the old courthouse. It is replacing an existing facility.

In separate but related actions, the commission authorized an amendment to the existing agreement with Nelson Engineering, increasing the plans and spec fee from $8,000 to $9,751, and authorized payment of the difference.


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