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A look back at dancing

Published 3:22pm Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Hartselle High prom was held on March 22 at Ingalls Harbor in Decatur. Such dances were not typical for students in olden times. Banquets instead of proms were generally the norm for them.

April 19, 1963 – Edna Carol Roberts and Tommy Dodson are crowned queen and king at tonight’s M.C.H.S. junior-senior banquet.

April 19, 1986 – Bob Cain has become one of Birmingham’s most popular entertainment personalities. He began playing the trumpet professionally when he was 13, appearing with many of the more popular dance bands across North Alabama.

April 22, 1954 – The MCHS band will have to go without a regular director for several months. The former leader of the musical ensemble resigned to take a job with a dance band.

April 25, 1958 – Tonight members of the junior and senior classes of Morgan County High School entered the old armory through the arche de triomphe and found themselves in “the City of Light” (Paris) for the annual junior-senior banquet.

July 6, 1990 – Hartselle Mayor Scotty Maples (‘59) and Catherine Ann Sims (‘56), a teacher at Hartselle High, jitterbugged tonight as past of a sock hop at the fifties weekend reunion participated in by more than 300 MCHS grads of the fifties at the Sparkman Civic Center gym. Such dances were uncommon when they were students.

July 31, 1907 – In a shooting affray tonight at a dance, one inebriated man drew his gun and started a roughhouse. Another man, who attempted to act as a peacemaker, was shot through the shoulder, the ball passing entirely through him and striking a third man who was standing behind him. Both of the shooting victims are in a dangerous condition. The man who did it is at-large.

Aug. 3, 1920 – A woman is currently being held in the Morgan County jail charged with a murder of which she professes to have no knowledge. According to her own confession, she was recovering from a “drunk.” The woman is alleged to have stabbed her husband with a knife while a dance was in progress. The wound was fatal to him.

Aug. 23, 1935 – A scrip dance was given at the local Civilian Conservation Corps camp tonight and a large crowd enjoyed it. Garland Gunn’s Wong Jazzisians furnished music for the dance.

Oct. 16, 1947 – A barn dance was held at the Hartselle armory tonight. A jitterbug contest was featured at 10:30. There were changes in styles of dancing every 30 minutes, providing music to suit the taste of everyone present.

Aug. 27, 1946 – There was a formal dance tonight at the Hartselle armory. It was both sponsored and chaperoned by the American Legion.

Sept. 16, 1917 – Howard College students are forbidden to dance on campus.

Sept. 21, 1903 – The country home of Mrs. Lile was the scene of an old-fashioned country dance tonight and the guests came from miles around. In the days before the Civil War the Lile home was the scene of many brilliant dances. The affair given tonight was the first since ante-bellum times.

Oct. 15, 1950 – Townspeople currently debating whether or not they ought to let Hartselle teens dance one night a week at the Legion hall.

Nov. 12, 1919 – A resolution was passed at today’s session of the Alabama Baptist State Convention heartily supporting the action of Dr. P. B. Bomar, president of Judson College, in prohibiting dancing at Judson.

Dec. 10, 1948 – Unless they come to a stop, fighting and general rowdiness will probably necessitate a halt to the current weekly barn dances at the Hartselle armory.

Jan. 20, 1947 – At tonight’s inaugural ball, newly inaugurated Gov. James E. Folsom had promised to “dance with every galthere,” but he had to give up before the dance was well under way.


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