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Are you truly happy?

Published 6:40pm Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The other day I saw a sign that read “Happy, Happy, Happy.” I thought to myself, “How many people are truly happy?”

Is the millionaire with all of his millions happy? If you ask a child what makes him happy, what would he say? Or would winning the big game make an athlete happy?

Are you searching for true happiness?

God knows how to bring lasting happiness to us.

I can truly say we have had our share of cold weather. Those couple of days that the temperature was in the 70s spoiled a lot of us.

I hope all took the opportunity to attend an Easter service on Easter Sunday. Several churches in the area offered special services.

Christian love and sympathy are extended to the family and friends of Louie Morton.

Special happy birthday wishes go out this week to Miss Carli Lacy, daughter of David and Stacey Lacy who celebrated a birthday.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Michelle Thornton on April 3, Lynn Morgan on April 4, Tani Buckner on April 5 and Miche Suggs on April 7.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Jon and Amy Chafee on April 14, Doug and Lorene Oden on April 4 and Tom and Linda McAbee on April 5.

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