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Easter lilies utilized to honor family, friends at Somerville BC

Published 3:02pm Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We all love to receive gifts and even enjoy giving gifts, but one of life’s greatest gifts is friendship.

To be a friend, we must show ourselves friendly. Always know that we never have to go through life alone. We must reach out and be a friend.

Most of our friends are only a phone call away. A true friend speaks the truth no matter how hard it hurts to hear.

Choose friends who speak truthfully even though their honesty is painful. Someone that tells you what you want to hear is not a true friend.

On Resurrection Sunday, the sanctuary of Somerville Baptist Church was decorated with Easter lilies in memory and in honor of family and friends as follows: in memory of Baughn and Ann Weidel by Vic and Vona Keeling, in memory of Mildred Johnson and Thomas Johnson by Peggy Shadden, in memory of Pop Keeling by Betty, Vic and Vona Keeling, in memory of J.W. Russell by Todd and Jenny Russell, in memory of Lucy Davis by Berta Wilson, in memory of Myrtle Coffey by Larry and Sharon Culp, in memory of the Rev. David Lewis, in memory of Carla Ann Allred by Barbara Allred, in memory of Joe Morrow by Nancy Morrow, in memory of Tom and Rita Posey by David and Beth Lewis, in memory of Edith Belcher by Joyce Wright and in memory of Patricia and Dennis by Garry Grove; in honor of Penny Hazel by Nancy Morrow, in honor of Ella Kate Allred by Barbara Allred, in honor of Don and Linda Edwards and Jeannette Russell, in honor of The Rev. D.A. Emerson by Mark Emerson, in honor of Ruby McCarley by Mark Emerson, in honor of military by Kay Grove, in honor of Elizabeth Lewis by David and Beth Lewis, in honor of The Rev. Jimmy and Joyce Wright by Cheryl Wright, and in honor of our soldiers defending our country by Chris and Kym Champion.

Belated happy birthday wishes go out this week to Jim Garnett and Martha Roberts, both on April 3; Steven Jansen on April 4; Marvin Nuby Jr. on April 9; and Richard Creel and Hazel Hanners on April 10.

Happy anniversary wishes got out to Mark and Marshell Carson on April 1, Frankie and Teresa Lackey on April 2 and Earl and Venita Rigsby on April 9.

Check out Bro. Ben Bates, Pastor of New Center Baptist Church’s blog:

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Savannah Dodd, Beth Lewis and Wanda Robinson, all on April 10; Geraldine Caswell, Mike Carpenter and Brooke Speegle, all on April 11; Lyn Nelson and Venita Rigsby, both on April 12; Chad Bloodworth, Nancy Morrow, Monica Hanenburg and Joy Lewis, all on April 14; Jennifer Herbert, Paula Bates and Randy Whitten, all on April 15; and Lauren Smith, Harold Callahan and Tyler Perry, all on April 16.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to William Lewis and Marie Bartlett and John and Diana Smith on April 9; Roger and Sylvia Tucker and Randall and Angela Wilson, both on April 11; Larry and Mary Winton on April 12; Jimmy and Dee Walker on April 13; and Eric and Ashley Stolz on April 14.

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