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A look back at keeping fit

Published 12:18pm Wednesday, April 17, 2013

With the arrival of spring weather, more people are outside getting in better physical shape. Ways of doing this are many and varied.

April 17, 1937 – Hartselle Scouts went on a hike where most of them passed tracking on a trail about three miles long. The boys followed it to the mouth of Shoal Creek. At that point it began raining and rained the rest of the hike. Scribe Howard (Red) McClanahan reported that, “The boys had a little trouble finding their way home but finally got there.”

April 17, 1987 – Scott Strider is doing well after just completing his fifth Boston Marathon.

April 18, 1903 – Horseback riding among the young girls at this place has become quite popular recently and illustrates that the “new girl” has indeed arrived in Alabama, as many of the girls are wearing divided skirts and riding astride.

April 18, 1944 – Cadet Hugh H. Pattillo of Gulf Coast Military Academy, Gulfport, Miss., has made the baseball team playing left field.

April 19, 1957 – Tommy Ed Roberts is being seen “speeding” around town on his new bike.

April 20, 1952 – Mr. and Mrs. Lee Palmer and Betty and Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Smith and Charles Edward are planning a camping trip to Joe Wheeler State Park in the very near future.

April 21, 1912 – A Hartselle Recreation club, with W. B. Bean as president, has been started. A gymnasium will be fitted up and it is proposed to conduct the club after the order of the YMCA as far as possible.

April 21, 1907 – Itinerant Evangelist J. H. Newberry has opened up on amusement resorts in North Alabama and condemns them as factors for evil. His batteries are turned particularly on the skating rinks and natatorial activity by women. He says mothers who allow their daughters to go to the rinks and roll on skates are running the risk of allowing them to roll off into hell. The natatorium was scored as a great danger to social purity and the preacher says that patronizing it has ruined many young women.

April 22, 1946 – A Hartselle softball league will be formed here this summer. Pythagoras Lodge No. 199, Knights of Pythias, will be the sponsor and its purpose will be to create wholesome entertainment and recreation for local young people.

April 23, 1942 – All members of the old Hartselle Tennis Club and any man or woman who is 16 or over and desires membership is asked to contact Horace Roberts, president, and register for the coming season so as to be eligible for the fall tournament.

April 23, 1916 – Girls and women in Rural Grove have formed a croquet club.

April 23, 1917 – A Morgan County youth, Kenneth Harris, the 16-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Harris, has set a physically challenging goal for himself. He plans (when school is out) to cycle 500 miles in a mere five days.

April 23, 1956 – The “dance of the year” as far as MCHS students are concerned is definitely the bop.

April 30, 2000 – Hartselle edged Demopolis 2-1 in the championship game of the Jasper Lady Viking Invitational softball tournament at Walker High School. Winning pitcher Katie Tillman allowed five hits and struck out three.

July 17, 1932 – -Peter McLaren, who claims the woodchopping championship, will give an exhibition here July 30. Several stunts and contests will be put on in connection with his appearance.

Aug.23, 1951 – A great misfortune occurred to Johnny Sims, son of Captain and Mrs. J.V. Sims, last Thursday afternoon in the form of a broken leg. Johnny was swinging in a tree swing when the rope broke, dumping him on the ground with his leg crumpled under him.


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