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County pursues COPS Grant for schools

Published 1:39pm Thursday, May 2, 2013

Morgan County Commission has agreed to pursue a Federal Cops Grant as a means of funding additional school resource officers for the Morgan County School System.

The governing body authorized the chairman to make application for the grant on behalf of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and the school system. The grant would cover 75 percent of all salaries and benefits of officers hired for a period of three years. Supplemental funding totaling 25 percent of their salaries and benefits would be budgeted as a school appropriation.

The move was made at an adjourned business session on Tuesday, with a recommendation from Sheriff Ana Franklin.

Currently, SROs are assigned from the Sheriff’s Department to schools in Danville, Brewer and Priceville. One-half of the Priceville SRO’s salary is being paid by the Town of Priceville. Volunteers are serving in security positions at some of the county’s other schools.

The commission also authorized the chairman to enter into a contract with Lee Helms Associates to provide professional grant writing and management services to secure HMPG projects for storm shelters in the Town of Eva and at volunteer fire departments in Oak Ridge and Brindlee Mountain.

The commission acted on other matters as follows:

•Accepted a bid of $1,261 per month from Bagby Elevator Co. to provide elevator maintenance for elevators at the Morgan County Courthouse and Morgan County Archives.

•Authorized the chairman to execute an agreement with Eagle Consulting for Employee Assistance Program needs.

•Declared as surplus 26 items of property no longer in use by Morgan County EMA and authorized the EMA to donate the items to the City of Decatur Fire Department.

•Approved a refund of sales tax to Guest Supply LL C in the amount of $717.36.

•Approved the purchase of five desktop computers and eight LED monitors for the Morgan County Transportation System to be paid with American Recovery and Reinvestments funds.

•Authorized the chairman to extend the current contract for laundry and dry cleaning services with Culver Cleaners from May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014, for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department using the same prices and terms as previously bid.

•Approved payment of $337.50 to Trident Insurance Co. for a deductible on the claim of Glenda Lockhart (Sheriff’s Department).

•Approved payment of $11,294.64 to Pugh Wright McAnally for professional services related to the Affordable Health Care Act, payable out of the Capital Improvement Fund.

•Approved payment of $1,050 to Charles Sherrod for consulting services for EMA Hazard Mitigation Grants.

•Authorized Debra Gardner, director of MCATS, to fill the vacant position of full-time driver, Grade 2, $9.97 – $13.01.

•Authorized Debra Gardner, director of the Commission on Aging, to fill the part-time position of Neel Senior Center manager, $8.18 per hour with no benefits.

•Approved certificates to subdivide or consolidate for Calvin Gee and Stella Gee, Hwy. 36, E and Michael Keith Williams and Leisa Darlene Williams. N. Greenbriar and Crawford Lane, both in District 4.

•Authorized District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark to purchase a Caterpillar 308E Excavator under the National IPA Contract from Thompson Tractor Co. for $115,318 and authorized the chairman to execute all documents with Relaxant Bank for a capital lease purchase at a five-year fixed interest rate of 2.81%.

•Adopted a Morgan County Policies and Procedures Manual, revision date April 30, 2-013, with an effective date of May 20, 2013.

•Appointed Rex Bennich to a six-year term on the State Product Mart Authority to replaced Ed Monroe, who completed 12 years on the board, effective April 30, 2013.

•Authorized District 2 Commissioner Randy Vest to donate $7,000 to Hartselle Fine Arts Center to assist with the construction of an elevator.

•Authorized District 2 Commissioner Randy Vest to donate $55,497 to Danville Volunteer Fire Department to assist with a community storm shelter, payable out of road and bridge funds.

•Authorized payments out of the Tourism, Recreation & Convention Fund as follows: Decatur General Foundation (Dragon Boat Races), $1,000; Wheeler Wildlife Children’s Fishing Rodeo, $500; Morgan County Advisory Council Community Technical Development, $3,000.

•Authorized Ricky Brooks, director of Environmental Services, to purchase 280 garbage carts for $14,860,m payable out of the Environmental Services Fund.

•Authorized Ricky Brooks, director of environmental services, to purchase automated side loader sanitation truck under NJPA Awarded Contract from Ingram Equipment Co. for $189,930,05, payable out of the Environmental Services Fund.

•Authorized the Sheirff’s Department to purchase a data backup system to accommodate the Morgan County Jail and jail annex from Teklinks at a cost of $7,421.74.

•Authorized Kim Thurston, director of Community Services, to fill the vacant position of advanced date entry/customer service clerk, Grade 3, $11,19 – $14.56.

•Authorized the chairman to negotiate and execute all documents with the City of Decatur for the housing of inmates in the proposed new jail annex.

•Authorized District 3 Commissioner Don Stisher to hire contract workers at $10 per hour, with no benefits, up to 90 days payable out of the districts gasoline fund. Stisher said the worker would assist in the relocation of the district shop from its present location to a renovated building in Falkville.


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