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Falkville amends chicken ordinance

Published 12:00pm Thursday, May 9, 2013

Falkville Town Council repealed a 1942 chicken ordinance and replaced it with a tougher version at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

The old ordinance forbade chickens and turkeys from running loose within the town limits but failed to address other fowl such as ducks and guineas, Town Attorney Larry Madison told the council.

He recommended that the ordinance be repealed and replaced with one that clearly defines the word “fowl.”

He pointed out that a draft he is working on would make it illegal for the keeping of fowl of any kind in town, except for an agricultural zone. Even then, the owner or keeper would be required to keep them confined on his or her premises.

Two exceptions would exist: A veterinarian would be permitted to keep fowl on his or her premises providing they are undergoing treatment and pet birds would be allowed provided that they are caged inside a home.

The minimum fine for violation of the ordinance would be $25.

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