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Falkville switches ambulance service

Published 12:03pm Thursday, May 9, 2013

The town of Falkville is severing its ties with County EMS and turning to Crossroads Ambulance Service of Somerville as its new provider of emergency transportation services.

The town council voted unanimously to suspend the license of County EMS and give the company a 30-day notice at its regular meeting on Tuesday night. In another move, the governing body agreed to award a license to Crossroads, effective on the date its contract with County EMS lapses.

Discussion of the matter was raised by Councilman David Carroll even though it was not a published agenda item.

“Three weeks ago I attended a meeting in Hartselle for the purpose of considering an ambulance service provider,” Carroll stated. “Interviews were conducted with representatives of County EMS, Crossroads and First Responder-Decatur. A recommendation was made but stalled. This morning a recommendation was made that favors Crossroads.

“I don’t feel good with County EMS continuing to provide us with an ambulance service,” he added. “If we go with Crossroads, I feel like it is in good hands.

“I also attended the Hartselle meeting,” said Councilman Brandon Dillard, “and I’m in agreement with David (Carroll).”

Councilman Alton Hill questioned Carroll about his position.

“Why are we doing away with County EMS?” he asked. “I think they have done a good job.”

“They are supposed to have two ambulances on standby,” Carroll replied. “They have not always done that and there have been other issues with respect to living up to their contract. I wouldn’t want us to be in a position where we would be without an ambulance provider.”

Crossroads owner Candi Hayes told the council that her company has four trucks in service and is looking for two more.

“We’re operating in Somerville, Priceville and Brindlee Mountain now and one of my goals is to expand into Falkville and Hartselle” she stated. “I’ve been in the emergency transportation business for a long time and I know what it takes to maintain coverage.”

She said she would be ready to provide service in Falkville in 30 days and indicated she could provide service sooner if needed.

Town Attorney Larry Madison advised the council it could go ahead and make a commitment to Crossroads but would need to act on a proposed contract at a future meeting.

The Council acted on other matters as follows:

• Authorized Mayor Bob Ramey to execute a contract with TVA for an ARC grant for improvements on Buster Road.

• Approved City Clerk Dawn Estes to attend the annual Court Maintenance Class in Hoover on June 28.

• Approved guidelines for the use of The Source, a town-owned building located at South Park. The building is jointly used by the police department and parks & recreation

• Authorized Mayor Ramey to enter into a contract with Community Consultants Inc. to implement a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

• Approved a contract with Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood to provide engineering services for a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

• Authorized Carroll to pursue an agreement with Leonard & Associates of Cullman for architectural services on a proposed expansion of the municipal building.

  • dill3413

    Would you guys care to fill us “less-informed” folks in on the “good-ole boy system” in Falkville? Thanks in advance.

  • oops

    anonymous911, I agree with you,,we all know the “good old boy system” in Falkville..but I bet that this decision will come back to bite them. They awarded a contract to a service that has barley even ran any 911 calls, It appears that the owner of that service said that they have 4 trucks in service…I know for a fact that they only have 2 trucks and don’t have the employees to staff the truck…You would think that Falkville would as to see the trucks..I predict that this will turn into the same situation as they had with County EMS…as some point Cross Roads will say that they are not making any money so they need to drop down the number of trucks..and then Falkville will have to allow it and the residents once again will have sub-standard service…One would think that the city counsel would think about these thing instead of the good old boy system..

  • anonymous911

    It is a sad day in our society when politics get in the way of a chance for a community to have a something better than what that had. So, lets take away an established ambulance service and replace it with one that neither is established nor has the ambulances and employees to staff them. Why can’t community officials see past the “good old boy system” and choose what is right for the community in the long haul? Should County EMS go? Sure, but only if replaced with something better . Makes me wonder what kind of “empty promises” crossroads has given the town of Falkville. In the many years I have had in EMS, it has been sad to sit back and watch Morgan County citizens have to suffer with multiple less than adequate ambulance services. Maybe one day the public will wake up and realize all the back scratching that goes on between city officials and ambulance service providers.

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