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Bethel Road low bid under budget

Published 11:41am Monday, May 13, 2013

The low bid to widen and repave Bethel Road has come in under budget, according to Hartselle Department of Development director Jeff Johnson.

Reed Contracting Services of Huntsville delivered the low bid of $664,964.66 on bid day. However, Johnson said the number was adjusted to $664,841.96 due to an accounting error that was caught by Goodwyn Mills & Cawood, the engineering firm who designed the project.

“Based on the engineering design, our estimated cost prior to bid day was $668,278,” Johnson said. “So we are happy that it came under that estimate.”

Two other bids came in, but both were significantly higher. Carcel & G Construction of Hanceville submitted a bid of $939,224.43 while Wiregrass Construction of Dothan, which has an office in Huntsville, entered a bid of $965,642.90.

Those two bids were opened before Reed Construction’s bid.

“We were a little worried before the bid from Reed Construction was opened,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the engineering firm has reviewed the bid from Reed Construction and will recommend the approval of the low bid.

“If the council approves the bid at its meeting on Tuesday, we expect to sign the contract prior to the Memorial Day weekend,” Johnson said. “Construction should begin on the day after Memorial Day.”

The project will cover nearly one mile of roadway on Bethel Road. The road will be widened to three lanes in front of both schools. There will also be right-hand turn lanes for northbound traffic to enter Burleson and the new high school and acceleration lanes for school traffic to re-enter the roadway.

Bethel Street will be widened at the intersection of Bethel Road to three lanes to increase safety.

Stacking turn lanes will be added on southbound Bethel Road at the Main Street intersection to improve traffic flow.

The stacking left turn lane on Main Street eastbound will be doubled in length to keep traffic moving through the intersection.

Roan Road will be widened at the intersection of Main Street to allow school buses to turn on Roan Road.

Johnson said the project is expected to take 80 days. There are 84 days between Memorial Day and the first day of school.

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