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May is eventful month with many activities

Published 4:12pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May is such a busy month. The winter season is over and it’s time to enjoy all the many events taking place. There are Decorations, Homecom-ings, Mother’s Day, graduations, baseball and softball and a lower scale of yard sales on Friday and Saturday. This is a great time to plan a picnic at the park with the family.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Darin Morgan Sr., Kayla Hancock, the Martin family, Robert Slack, Helen Mote Hogan and Ruth Anders.

The descendants of the late Andrew Motes family and Raymond Motes family met for Sunday lunch at the Somerville Court-house recently. Those attending were Buck and Faye Johnson, Lois Hill, Fred and Evelyn Motes, Nathan, Javon and Jarrod Alldredge, Rachel Tucker, Mike and Kaye Widener, John Motes, Mike, Holly, Matthew and Hannah Clem, Steve and Loretta Coleman, Kenneth and Gwen Motes, Greg, Jennifer, Ashley and Emily Motes, Tammy, Jarrod and Braydon Galloway, Sarah Clark and Bill and Glynice Widener.

Happy birthday wishes to Alyssa Hines on May 17, Charlotte Dozier, Michael Pratt, Tara Sum-merford, Kathy Griffith on May 18, Allan Parker, Jenny Thompson, Sonny Downs, Keith Ransom and Linda Terry on May 19, Christine Clemons, Joanna McAbee, Nathan Bates and John Wesley Motes on May 20, Jared McKelvy, Jason Ferrell and Sylvia Watts on May 21, Nell Naylor, Berta Wilson, Brendon Shadden and Matt Legg on May 22.

Happy anniversary wishes to Michael and Devin Kirkpatrick on May 19.

Somerville Baptist Church is sponsoring a Parents Night Out, teen camp fundraiser, Fri., May 17, and Sat., May 18, from 6 to 11 p.m.

Teens, with adult supervision, will be babysitting at the church to raise money for camp.

There will be games, movies and a small snack provided.

All donations will go toward Teen Camp and checks should be made payable to Somerville Baptist Church. For more information, contact the church office at 256-778-8844.

Homecoming and Decor-ation Day at New Center Baptist Church will be Sun., May 19, with a covered dish lunch.


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