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Time to spice up menu with vegetables

Published 3:46pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Asparagus delight

1 can asparagus

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated

Layer half of asparagus soup and cheese into casserole dish. Repeat layers. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees.



2 packages frozen chopped broccoli, cooked

1 jar pimento

2 cans cream of celery soup

Combine all ingredients. Mix well. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes in a two-quart baking dish.


Chinese mustard

Stir 1/2 cup boiling water into 1/2 cup dry English mustard. Add 1 teaspoon salt and 4 teaspoons salad oil. Serve with cooked shrimp.


Fried zucchini

2 to 3 zucchini, sliced

Flour, enough to batter zucchini slices

Cooking oil

Cook in oil on both sides until tender.


Pineapple topping

2 cups sour cream

2 to 3 tablespoons pineapple juice or juice of your choice. Serve on warm English muffins or use as a dip.



1 package frozen cauliflower, cooked according to directions on package.

1 can cream of chicken soup

1/2 cup grated cheese

Mix all ingredients and cook in two quart casserole dish. Bake 20 minutes at 325 degrees.


Mustard dressing

1 cup sour cream

2 tablespoons mustard

Mix all ingredients well. Serve as a dip with crackers and chips.


Cooking hint

Potatoes, onions and other food that is grown in the ground should be started cooking in cold water.

Red potatoes have less starch than white potatoes.


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