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Morgan BOE tenures 28, cuts 28 employees

Published 3:43pm Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Morgan County School Board made 28 of its employees happy and an equal number sad on Thursday as it acted on Superintendent Bill Hopkins Jr’s personnel recommendations for the 2013-2014 school year.

Of the 28 non-tenured employees whose contracts were non-renewed, some will be rehired, according to Hopkins.

“We’ll post 28 positions tomorrow morning,” he said. “Some of those who were cut will either be offered their jobs back or hired in other positions. “ We’re going to hire additional teachers for Priceville and West Morgan Elementary Schools because they’ve had increases in enrollment.

“Comparatively speaking, we’ll wind up with about the same number of personnel in 2013-2014 that we have this year,” he said. “We’re somewhat better off financially because we’ve done a better job of managing our money.”

Hopkins reminded the board of the amount of work that has to be done to organize personnel for another school year.

“My secretary, Connie Goode, Human Resources Director Cliff Booth and others on staff have worked non-stop for the past three or four days to get ready for this meeting. I want to thank them for getting the work done in an efficient and timely manner.”

“We’ve had a successful year,” said Board Chairman Jimmy Dobbs, and I appreciate the dedication and hard work of everyone involved. Our school system is moving ahead and it will continue as long as we’re doing what’s right for our children.”

The following personnel of the Morgan County School System were non-renewed for the 2013-2014 school year:

Bethany Franklin, a math and science teacher at the Learning Center; Lindsey Humphries, a bus aide at Cotaco; Melissa Humphrey, a countywide math teacher; Justin Fletcher, Jonathan Lacy, Meredith Eubanks and Ryan Wade, countywide aides; Brittany Atkins, English teacher at Danville Middle; Savannah Story, reading resource teacher at Danville Middle; Amanda Willingham, fourth grade teacher at Danville-Neel; Heather Collier, fourth grade teacher at Eva; William Eason, custodian at Eva; Brooke Hudson, teacher at Falkville Elementary; Jeremy Hollaway, math teacher at Falkville High; Johnny Childress, counselor at Lacey’s Spring;

Nicole Lowery, custodian at Lacey’s Spring; Chris Oden, computer applications teacher at Priceville High; Lindsay Greene, language arts teacher at Priceville Junior High; Anthony Oliver, science teacher at Priceville Junior High; Stacey Smith, math teacher at Priceville Junior High; Jackie Goodwin, first grade teacher at Priceville Elementary; Shannon Hulse, teacher aide at Sparkman; Janice Vest, counselor at Union Hill; Melissa Johnson, instructional aide at Union Hill; Laurie Keaty, aide at West Morgan Elementary; Lauren Atkins, math teacher at West Morgan High; Jackson Schuester, social studies teacher at West Morgan; and Daniel Dutton, agri-science teacher at West Morgan High.

Tenure was granted to the following personnel:

Michael Tew, teacher at Cotaco; Daniel Ozbolt, countywide special education aide; Kelly Johnson, cafeteria worker at Danville High; Tammy Evans, Maria Kennedy and Crystal Williams, teacher at Danville-Neel Elementary; Tina Nelson, cafeteria worker at Eva; Tracie Turrentine, teacher at Eva; Jamie Layman, counselor at Falkville Elementary; Shelly Holmes, teacher at Falkville High; Karen Peppers, cafeteria worker at Lacey’s Spring Elementary; Chandra Flanagan, special education teacher at Priceville Elementary; Linda Mitchell, custodian at Priceville Elementary; Joel Sandlin, bus driver at Priceville Elementary; Donna Tankersley, custodian at Priceville Elementary;

Joshua Sawyer, teacher at Priceville Elementary; Mindy Pflueger, teacher at Sparkman Elementary; Jennifer White, counselor at Sparkman Elementary; Jennifer Blocker and Kristy Oldacre, teachers at Union Hill; Melissa Baxter, receptionist and instructional assistant at West Morgan Elementary; Cynthia Riddle, special education teacher at West Morgan Elementary; Tara Helms, resource teacher at West Morgan High; Samuel Wallace, teacher at West Morgan; and Brent Mooneyham and Kathy Stults, teachers at West Morgan Middle.

The board also granted a leave of absence to Amber Robinson, first grade teacher at Union Hill, effective from August 2013 through August 2014; accepted the resignation of Mark Edwards, assistant principal at Brewer High and Michael A. Richards, countywide AMSTI delivery driver; and transferred Mark Edwards to general science teacher at Brewer and Heather Vest to teacher at Falkville High.


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