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Published 4:23pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This past weekend seemed to serve as a time for bringing back memories from the past. Memories to me are images. or in modern terms, files stored in your heart. While many memories are easily retrieved, others are running in the background waiting for something to trigger a response that brings them to the present.

While all of us have memories, some are good, some special and some we would prefer to simply forget. According to science, humans only use a small part of their brain. Perhaps God planned the brain in such a manner so that we would have plenty of storage space for all those files that we want to store. Reliving fond memories seems to warm the heart as they flow back into your life.

One of my youngest son’s friends is getting married and we were invited to a party for the couple. All of the boys attending the get-together played baseball together on a travel team known as the Bandits. The teams formed when most of the boys were 9 or 10 years old and most played together for several years. If you have never experienced travel sports, it is quite an undertaking.

Travel sports is somewhat different from local city youth league sports in that the teams are smaller and you usually only play on the weekend. In fact, you seem to play most weekends during the season. Most weekends you play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since you spend so much time together, it is important that all players and parents get along well. We were blessed and fortunate to have been a part of a great group of boys and their parents on this travel baseball team.

While getting together to celebrate the upcoming wedding, memories of the time spent together playing baseball seemed to be the topic of many conversations. Reminiscing about home runs, stolen bases, other teams that we faced and the fun times made the evening a very enjoyable time. Several folks even commented that they really enjoyed those times and the opportunity we all had to spend together.

Memories are great and I hope we all can always remember fondly that part of our lives that we shared watching our sons play together in a sport they loved and remember the friends that we made.

Another memory was added to the file last weekend. All of the boys have grown into very fine young men. They all have bright futures ahead of them, and I am very proud of each one of them.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.

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