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Priceville okays $10,000 donation to high school

Published 1:08pm Thursday, June 13, 2013

Priceville Town Council voted unanimously to donate $10,000 from FY 2013 appropriations to Priceville High School at its regular meeting Monday night.

The money was requested by Principal Mark Mason to meet the following needs: upgrade technology (replace old computers), $3,500; purchase hard drive to refurbish 50 laptop computers for an additional computer lab, $3,000; purchase software programs for classroom use, $1,000; professional development for teachers, $2,000; and copy paper and copier maintenance, $500.

The council also approved $9,485.36 for Stone Nursery of Decatur to install a water feature at the Morgan County Veterans Memorial.

The feature will consist of a water fountain, large boulders and a variety of shrubs and flowers. It will be located behind the flag display.

The council acted on other matters as follows:

•Approved payment of bills for the month of May totaling $255,600.44.

•Designated Friday, July 5, as a paid holiday for all full-time employees.

•Approved $650 for the yearly maintenance of a Panasonic copier at the Linda Duran Public Library from Ed Smith Office Machines.

•Approved $1,146.75 for summer uniforms for five police officers from NAFCO.

•Authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with Housing Investments Inc. for a sign to be placed at Cobble Stones Subdivision.

•Approved $250 as a sponsor for the Racking Horse Traveling Show to be held at Morgan County Celebration Arena on June 14-15.

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