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A look back to scouting

Published 2:44pm Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America has been embroiled in controversy recently. Historically, there was unanimous agreement that association with the BSA was playing a crucial and totally positive role in the lives of young men in this area.

July 27, 1916 – The Boy Scouts are spending several days camping near Vinemont. Scouts from Decatur, Falkville and Cullman are also at their camp and, collectively, they have formed a Boy Scouts’ mobilizing camp.

Feb. 26, 1937 – Four new assistant Boy Scout patrol leaders have been chosen. These outstanding examples of character in youth are Billy Walters, Robert Tolleson, George Duncan McCall and George Speaker. (Mr. McCall subsequently gave his life for his country in World War II.)

April 16, 1937 – The Boy Scouts had a hike tonight. No one but registered Scouts was allowed. This should encourage more boys to join the Scouts and participate in the good times they are having.

May 6, 1937 – Hartselle Boy Scouts are seeking summer employment to pay for uniforms, according to Howard (Red) McClanahan, scribe.

Dec. 20, 1937 – There was a matinee at the Strand today for the unfortunate of Hartselle. Admission was a toy, an article of clothing, fruit or other food. What was collected will be distributed by the Rotary Club with the aid of the Boy Scouts.

July 24, 1941 – Harold McClanahan has just returned from Camp Westmoreland, the Boy Scout camp. Horace Broom is remaining for another week.

Jan. 20, 1944 – Charles Quinn is an active participant in Den No. 1 of the Cub Scouts. Rev. Edwin Branscomb, minister at First Methodist, is currently teaching Charles and other Cubs how to make bead mats.

May 12, 1949 – A group of the Cub scouts enjoyed a picnic with their den mother, Mrs. Opal Stewart, on Saturday morning when they went out to Parker’s Pasture for breakfast. The boys reported a wonderful time. The Cub scouts in Mrs. Stewart’s den are Joe Yancey Puckett, Jonathan Orr Burleson, Bud Gibson, Karl Estes, Arthur David Buckalew, Charles Baggett, Kenneth Johnson and Bill Stewart Jr.

Feb. 7, 1955 – Numbers enrolled in Boy Scout Troop 92 in Hartselle are increasing substantially at present, mostly due to the leadership of Scoutmaster Jim Cain.

Oct. 27, 1956 – Troop 92 of the Hartselle Boy Scouts excelled in field day exercises this morning. They won first place in knot tying, cooking and the sack race.

Feb. 9, 1957 – This is National Boy Scout Week. In observance of it, the local contingent, Troop 92, took over the Hartselle city government today. Acting as “mayor” instead of Mayor John O. Burleson was Arthur Knox and the “police chief” was Arthur Moore. One “drunk” was caught and jailed. Percy Hall pretended to be intoxicated but actually was cold sober.

July 8, 1957 – Larry Roberts and Bervel Bennett boarded a northbound train today. They will participate in the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pa.

July 12, 1958 – Mike Roberts, an Eagle Scout with 27 merit badges to his credit, was giving the prestigious Vigil honor at Camp Westmoreland today. This highly coveted award is given exclusively to those who have demonstrated exceptional service to Scouting.

Sept. 14, 1958 – A memorial plaque honoring the late Rev. Frank Aldridge was dedicated at this morning’s First Methodist worship service. It is mounted on the sanctuary wall and was given by members of the Boy Scouts to whom he selflessly gave as their local adult leader over a period of many years.

Feb. 7, 1960 – In observance of Boy Scout Sunday, many Hartselle Scouts attended their churches this morning dressed in the uniforms of their Scout groups.

July 4, 1984 – Several members of Hartselle Scout Troop 336 participated in the parade of youth before President Reagan at Point Mallard today.

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