Young people lift their voices to the words and music of an old-time gospel hymn at Hartselle Camp meeting on Wednesday. | Clif Knight
Young people lift their voices to the words and music of an old-time gospel hymn at Hartselle Camp meeting on Wednesday. | Clif Knight

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One of best ever

Published 12:56pm Thursday, June 27, 2013

The 114th annual Hartselle Camp Meeting is attracting the largest crowds and creating more excitement from worshippers than at anytime in recent history, according to President Rob Cain.

“Having evangelist Junior Hill in the pulpit for our opening service on Sunday evening was a good move on our part,” said Cain. “The benches in the tabernacle were filled and we had to set up about 100 chairs on the outside to accommodate the crowd.

“His preaching was Bible-centered and very persuasive – one of the best sermons I’ve heard him preach,” Cain added. “It set a positive tone for the remainder of the meeting.

“We’re fortunate this year to have 32 students staying in the dormitory,” Cain pointed out. “Their responsiveness and energy has really benefited the camp. Plus, I feel it has helped to shorten the camp from eight to six days.”

Mission Day was observed on Wednesday with Bolivian missionaries David and Rachel Kerney sharing the speaker’s podium at the morning service.

Rachel described a picturesque sunrise in Argentina to show the transformation from night to day and

“We saw this happening over and over when we were ministering in the Andes Mountains of Argentina,” she said.

She pointed to a young Argentine boy name Luis as a good example of what a young person filled with the Holy Sprit can accomplish for God’s kingdom.

“Luis wanted everyone he met to share the gift he received when he became a Christian,” she pointed out. “He was a good baker and he made good bread. Later, after he married and started his family he realized he needed to bring home more money so he started a bakery.

“He named his product Bread of Life and had a scripture verse printed on each package. His business became very successful.”

David talked about leading a ministry of teaching young converts how to use their testimonies to spread the gospel.

“We would go out in small groups and knock on doors to reach people who lived in cities where there were no churches,” he said. “We’d stay out three weeks at a time with the benefit of air conditioning or a daily bath. Still, parents wanted to come, too.”

David said he and Rachel are back n the state to seek the financial support that will enable them to go back to Bolivia in August.

“As we go back, we need your hands and help.” he pointed out. We need praying hands. As you know, God works through prayer.”

In closing his talk, David quoted Matthew 29:19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

The camp meeting will continue through Friday, June 28.

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