Morgan County Marriage Licenses for July 10

Published 2:34pm Tuesday, July 9, 2013

•Mario Stephan Campbell, 05-29-1969, of Decatur to Freda Lynn Allen, 10-20-1971, of Decatur

•Wayne Lee Kelley, 08-18-1950, 0f Decatur to Agnes Renie Bobo, 08-30-1967, of Decatur

•Stefan Mark Basham, 07-14-1977, of Sedalia, MO to Jalyn Renee Burton, 04-17-1992, of Sedalia, MO

• Jason Meyer, 10-03-1979, of Corydon, IN to Mary Katherine Janes, 04-04-1983, of Corydon, IN

•Brandon Ryan McCutcheon, 06-12-1986, of Athens to Olivia Diane King, 05-05-1992, of Moulton

•Gary Jack Watkins, 07-16-1946, of Trinity to Deborah Ann Day, 03-24-1952, of Decatur

•Gregory Keith Rutherford, 11-01-1987, of Decatur to Ashley Nicole Edwards 01-23-1987, of Decatur

•Jeremy Dewayne Ricks, 07-07-1981, of Decatur to Anna Laura Rudolph, 03-28-1985, of Decatur

•David Ray Grantland, 08-08-1959, of Somerville to Tereasa Lynn Cooper, 10-21-1968, of Somerville

•Shawn Curtis Corum, 12-04-1988, of Decatur to Corie Elizabeth Terry, 02-17-1992, of Somerville

•Quincy Tremaine Leslie, 12-28-1976, of Decatur to Denada Quinshelle Swopes, 03-04-1981, of Somerville

•Jake Franklin Patterson, 09-17-1991, of Somerville to Katherine Diane Hughes, 09-03-1986, of Somerville

•Stephen Bradley Layne, 12-24-1979, of Decatur to Kimberly Gaile Teague, 10-21-1970, of Somerville

•Marvin Ray Mason, 06-02-1985, of Somerville to Stacey Lana Lunceford, 11-14-1976, of Moulton

•Kristopher Casey Hughes, 01-18-1984, of Decatur to Cassandra Faye Brown, 11-14-1983, of Decatur

•Bruce Richard Uhley, 09-08-1957, of Michigan to Karen Sue Rogers, 02-23-1960, of Decatur

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