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Kids dig animals

Published 12:46pm Thursday, July 11, 2013

“Things had gotten out of hand when they called me for assistance,” he added. “We put out traps and within two weeks, we had captured 27 raccoons.”

Keenum showed the children pelts of animals he has captured in and around Hartselle over the years and described each one. They included a coyote, bobcat, beaver, red fox, otter, mink and opossum.

“I see coyotes everywhere I go,” he pointed out. “They have become urbanized and spend a lot of time scrounging for food in heavily populated neighborhoods. They’re dangerous predators and small household pets are not safe when they’re around. My advice is to stay away from them.”

Keenum said his favorite critter is the beaver because of its craftiness and ability to cut down large trees and work underwater.

“They can see underwater because they have transparent eyelids,” he pointed “and because they have very sharp, long teeth they can cut down a 6” to 8” circumference tree in 20 minutes.

“They’re very common in this area,” he added. “I’ve trapped them in Earth Park and have gotten them out of drain boxes inside the city limits.”

Keenum concluded his presentation by answering questions and letting the children examine up close his collection of pelts and skulls.

“Chris was one of our program speakers last year,” said librarian Emily Love. “The kids loved him and wanted to see him come back.”

“The “Dig into Reading” summer program will continue on Wednesdays through July 31. Next week’s program will be on “Dog Days of Summer.”

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