Morgan County Marriage Licenses for July 17

Published 3:15pm Tuesday, July 16, 2013

•Derrick William Prewitt, 01-25-1992, of Decatur to Caree Jordan Alexander, 06-11-1993, of Hartselle

•Robert Eugene Styles, 02-28-1961, of Decatur to Shelley Leanne Carter, 12-5-1972, of Decatur

•Francisco Joel Perez-Denis ,08-20-1981, to Martha Esparz, 10-9-1985, of Decatur

•Glendrick Lamar Hayes, 06-06-1986, of Courtland, to Zeta Seamone Pointer, 10-18-1986, of Decatur

•Joshua Cyle Lee, 09-06-1990, of Falkville, to Meghan Elizabeth Young, 08-20-1990, of Falkville

•James Franklin Campbell, 08-04-1935, to Etta Mae Thompson, 1-6-1943, of Hartselle

•Nathan Alan De Loach, 07-03-1965, of Hartselle to Lanita Kim Lister, 09-19-1967, of Hartselle

•Rayburn Glenn Boyles, 04-17-1967, of Decatur to Dianne Marie Reid, 4-11-1970, of Huntsville

•Jonathan Edward Estes, 1-10-1983, of Charlottesville, VA to Kathleen Elizabeth Dulaney, 10-15-1989, of Charlottesville, VA

•William Edward Smith, 06-17-1980, of Decatur to Leslie Lauren Beadles, 7-07-1981, of Decatur

•Ronald Jett Ballew, 1-06-1945, of Hartselle to Susan Annette Hokett, 11-20-1970, of Moulton

•Brian Matthew Hill, 12-30-1976, of Trinity, to Emily Danielle Jenkins, 04-22-1987, of Trinity

•Mickey Mantle Allen, 06-08-1965, of Decatur to Lauren Michelle Jones, 02-08-1985, of Decatur

•Ryan Micou Lett, 05-25-1981, of Madison to Trana Pneuchel Bristow, 09-03-1984, of Madison

•Jerimy Robert Kelsey, 12-18-1987, of Hartselle to Tiffany Diane Appleton, 4-22-1988, of Hartselle

•Antonio Kentrell Hubbard, 03-19-1973, of Decatur to Michele Lee Hearring, 01-26-1978, of Hartselle

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