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AARP holds regular meeting

Published 2:00pm Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chapter #1831 of AARP held its regular meeting at Christ Our Redeemer Luthern Church recently.

Eight members and one guest, Ms. Karen Chenault, were present.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Ms. Sarah Plemons as she welcomed the group. Allegiance to the flag was pledged.

Ms. Lavern Stacks introduced Ms. Chenault, who gave a very interesting and informative program about Jail Ministry. She became part of the group as a volunteer seeking help for a member of her family. This has grown into a very important help for a large segment of our society. She revealed the neglect of many and how these people are viewed and accepted. The need in society was stressed for a loving restoration to a normal life with family and friends. She has witnessed an ever-growing presence of God’s love as this program is spreading.

Ms. Plemons read “The Keeper,” an article on retirement.

Minutes of the previous were read by Ms. Phyllis Castile. They were accepted as corrected.

Treasurer, Martin Conley gave the financial report. He reported the tax report was completed and mailed. The financial report was accepted by vote on a motion by Mr. Conley and a second by Ms. Castile.

A report was made about the service project – Terrell Industries employees.

Members assisting with the meal were Ms. Plemons, Ms. Castile, Mr. Conley and Mr. Jack Betterton. Door prizes were won by Ms. Chenault, Ms. Venita Proctor, Ms. Estelle Smith and Mr. Conley.

Ms. Castile, Ms. Stacks and Mr. Conley won fundraiser desserts brought by Ms. Castile and Ms. Freida Betterton.

Hostesses for the next meeting, Aug. 6, will be Ms. Stacks, Ms. Smith and Ms. Proctor. Mr. Kenny Thompson will be the guest speaker for the August meeting.

Ms. Betterton led a prayer and blessing of the food. The meal consisted of pot luck dishes and carryover food items from the service project.

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