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A look back at the ‘Chevrolet Place’

Published 1:39pm Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A story in last week’s Enquirer announced plans to convert the former Abercrombie Chevrolet building into an antique mall and art studio. This structure and its predecessor across the street (Bowery before it became Sparkman) have interesting histories.

Aug. 23, 1933 – Part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal program is the “Blue Eagle.” Participants agree to charge their customers fair prices and give them quality products in return. One of the local signers of code is the Chevrolet dealership, the J. P. Simpson Motor Company, Inc.

July 18, 1935 – In this week’s Enquirer, J.P. Simpson is advertising a 1929 Chevrolet coach for $95. Readers are urged to call No. 66, No. 88, or No. 185-J for Ed Stewart or J. P. Simpson or write for particulars.

July 25, 1935 – The current J. P. Simpson special deal is a 1927 Chevrolet coach “as is” for $49. If interested, prospective buyers should contact him or his partner, Ed Stewart, at the dealership on Bowery Street.

Oct. 15, 1936 – The J. P. Simpson Motor Company, Inc., is a wide-awake and modern, up-to-date concern, conveniently located on the Bee Line highway. This well-known Chevrolet dealership started doing business during the year 1926 and has extended its operations every year since then. At present it is co-owned by J. P. Simpson, S. E. Stewart Jr., and W. H. Stewart, three-wide awake young men. Their motto and aim is to give first-rate service.

May 1, 1937 – S. E. Stewart Jr., and W. H. Stewart have taken over the operation of what formerly was the J. P. Simpson Chevrolet automobile agency.

Nov. 18, 1937 – J. P. Simpson, formerly of the Simpson Motor Company, is now owner of the Western Auto Associate Store, located on West Main Street. Partnered with Mr. Simpson will be Lee Palmer, who recently moved here from Marion.

Sept. 19, 1940 – The first showing of the new 1941 Chevrolet was made at Stewart Brothers Motor Company today. Advance reports are that, “The new car has a longer, larger, wider Fisher body, sturdier valve-in-head engine, and unbelievable beauty.”

May 6, 1944 – S. E. Stewart Jr., co-founder of Stewart Brothers Motor Company passed away unexpectedly in Louisiana.

May 22, 1947 – Owners of early model Chevy trucks in Hartselle were invited today by Stewart Brothers Motor Co. to participate in a nationwide search by the Chevrolet Motor Division to locate the oldest truck of this make still in active service in the United States.

July 26, 1948 – Stewart Brothers Motor Company has begun construction of a new home at the northwest corner of the North Bee Line Highway and Chestnut Street. (This is the building to be converted into an antique mall/art studio.)

Jan. 22, 1949 – Stewart Brothers Motor Company celebrated the occupancy of its new home on North Bee Line Highway by holding open house today.

March 12, 1952 – J. P. Simpson died. At one time he was operator of the Chevrolet motor company located on Bowery Street and later of the Western Auto Store on West Main.

Sept. 23, 1954 – Mark Grubbs, east Morgan County cotton farmer, has traded his cotton in for a new Chevrolet at Stewart Brothers Motor Co. Bill Stewart is paying three cents per pound above the market price.

Nov. 2, 1964 – William H. Stewart, Sr, for two decades the sole owner and operator of Stewart Brothers Motor Company on North Sparkman Street, passed away today at University Hospital in Birmingham.

Aug. 14, 1969 – Alvin Abercrombie plans to construct a new building for his Chevy dealership north of the downtown area. He took over the agency following the death of Bill Stewart several years ago.

April 9, 2011 – Alvin L. Abercrombie, 87, long-time automobile dealer in Hartselle and former city council member, died today at the Hartselle Medical Center.

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