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Always welcome

Published 1:36pm Wednesday, July 31, 2013

After having been in sales in one form or another for most of my working life, it is sometimes necessary to develop a thick skin. You, on occasion, have to be willing to not always feel welcome when you walk into a business or when calling on a person to ask them to listen to your speech about a particular product or service that you think would be of beneficial to them. This happens very infrequently.

However, in dealing with one person, actually going on 12 years, I was always made to feel welcome in his business. I was always met with a smile and a “hello friend” greeting when he saw me. Some might think he was just using those words but if you got to know this man you would know that is how he felt about those with whom he came in contact.

Also, in dealing with this man and his business when I would leave and he was present he always expressed this “thanks for all you do for us.” The best part was that you knew he really meant those words, and it would add a good feeling to your day.

I am going to miss seeing Mack Gardner. Anytime you came in contact with him, he did greet you with a smile and your day would be better by having talked with him.

I have met many men and women over the years and have great lasting memories of many of them. Mack will be one that is included on that list.

Mack cared for all those with whom he came in contact and he always seemed to do his best to make their situation better.

Whether helping an elderly customer with a fender bender or dealing with a car rental company, he always had the same friendly and caring demeanor. For the last few years, he and Karen offered their business as a drop off point for school supplies to help those in need. When another shop in town had damage to its building, he even offered the use of his facilities.

Mack will be missed by many, his family, his friends and his customers. There is never an answer as to why the good ones sometimes leave us too soon. Thanks Mack for always making me feel welcome at “Mack’s by the Tracks.” I pray that God will hold your family even closer as they grieve, and help them remember the good times they shared with you. So long for now, see you in heaven my friend.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.

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