Morgan County Marriage Licenses for July 31

Published 12:22pm Wednesday, July 31, 2013

•Alton Hurshel Moses, 10-07-1961, of Joppa to Amanda Lynn Hayes, 10-03-1968, of Joppa

•Alan Keith Holt, 07-07-1959, of Hartselle to Sherry Sue Peugh, 04-29-1957, of Hartselle

•Daniel James Mackey, 09-09-1959, of Falkville to Sarah Ann Smith, 12-03-1970, of Falkville

•Arturo Tointigh Adrian, 12-22-1967, of Valhermoso Springs, to Katrina Michelle Leeth, 02-21-1972, of Valhermoso Springs

•Paul Timothy Farris, 06-23-1982, of Decatur to Leah Leilani Leong, 06-04-1986, of Gurley

•Jason Lynn Williams, 12-19-1981, of Decatur to Melanie Gae Bard, 12-05-1985, of Decatur

•Malcolm Scott Stewart, 11-30-1980, of Decatur to Kelly Dawn Brown, 01-12-1978, of Decatur

•Henry William Adams, 10-22-1974, of Hillsboro to Christy Nicole Hagood, 03-01-1977, of Hillsboro

•Caleb Andrew Coleman, 04-17-1978, of Falkville to Tiffany Nicole Fagan, 10-26-1987, of Falkville

•Chad Forest Cooper, 11-07-1994, of Decatur to Callie Rebecca Latham, 02-26-1991, of Decatur

•Maurice Lomoune Sanders, 10-29-1974, of Decatur to Dana Leigh Thames, 09-07-1976, of Hazel Crest, Ill.

•Lucas Edward Johnson, 07-19-1990, of Northport to Michelle Renee Spring Krauz, 03-21-1991, of Northport

•Joffre Hunter Cheshier, 07-09-1992, of Decatur to Jenna Elaine Brown, 05-05-1992, of Decatur

•Timothy Wiley, 05-21-1965, of Athens to Trina Habekiah Matthews, 01-12-1979, of Athens

•Cody Bart Stephenson, 04-13-1992, of Trinity to Shelby Lee Pilgrim, 09-07-1993, of Trinity

•Micheal James Sandlin, 02-21-1971, of Hartselle to Samantha Dawn Long, 07-23-1979, of Hartselle

•Garrett Myles Turrentine, 06-14-1991, of Hartselle to Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, 04-20-1992, of Moulton

•Allen Scott McMillon, 08-19-1983, of Decatur to Jessica Ashley Lake, 06-11-1986, of Decatur

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