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A look back to Albert P. Brewer

Published 2:38pm Wednesday, August 7, 2013

As reported in last week’s Enquirer, former Alabama Governor Albert P. Brewer visited the school at Florette that bears his name on July 27. He is Alabama’s premier elder statesman and has been a prominent newsmaker for many decades.

Oct. 26, 1928 – Albert Preston Brewer is born. (Former Governor Brewer will celebrate his 85th birthday this fall.)

March 25, 1951 – Hartselle friends of Albert Brewer of Decatur will be interested to learn that he and his recent bride, Martha Farmer, are now residing in Tuscaloosa following their recent marriage. Albert is a student at the UA Law School.

Oct. 7, 1952 – Albert Brewer spoke in Hartselle tonight in behalf of the Democratic ticket which features “local boy made good” Senator John Sparkman as the Vice Presidential running mate of Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson.

Oct. 25, 1955 – Morgan County Representative Albert Brewer spoke to members of the Hartselle Rotary Club at noon about the need for more revenue to support public schools.

Jan. 19, 1958 – Albert Brewer, who heads the Morgan County March of Dimes campaign, was in Hartselle today asking for contributions to help sufferers from polio and urging parents of children who have not yet received the new Salk vaccine to make sure they are immunized immediately.

Feb. 1, 1960 – Representative Albert Brewer was elected president of the county bar association at a meeting of the attorneys tonight at Decatur’s Lyons Hotel tonight.

April 15, 1960 – An old-time political rally was held at Flint tonight. Representative Albert Brewer served as the moderator.

Aug. 16, 1960 – Area UA alums heard Jerry Claiborne, a key member of Coach Bear Bryant’s staff, speak tonight. Representative Albert Brewer heads the alumni association.

Jan. 18, 1962 – Representative Albert Brewer announced his candidacy for a third House term today. His main plank is securing a fair reapportionment of seats in the Alabama Legislature.

Dec. 27, 1962 – Representative Albert Brewer was tapped by incoming Governor George

Wallace to be speaker of the Alabama House today. As a matter of custom, Brewer will be formally elected to the post by his colleagues when the Legislature holds its organizational session. At age 34, Brewer will be the youngest man to serve as the House’s presiding officer.

Nov. 22, 1966 – Lieutenant-Governor-elect Brewer spoke to Hartselle Rotarians today about the legislative agenda of incoming Governor Lurleen Wallace, especially as concerns support for the new network of community colleges.

May 7, 1968 – Morgan Countian and Lieutenant-Governor Albert Brewer became the 47th governor of Alabama today when Governor Lurleen Wallace died following a long and painful struggle against cancer. He will serve at least until Jan. 18, 1971, when his predecessor’s term would have expired.

May 5, 1970 – Hartselle favored Decaturite Albert Brewer over George Wallace in the Democratic gubernatorial primary today. Although Brewer had a plurality of the votes cast over the state, he fell short of a majority, thus necessitating a runoff with Wallace early next month.

June 2, 1970 – Hartselle gave Albert Brewer a 283-vote margin of victory over George Wallace in the Democratic gubernatorial primary runoff today. Unfortunately for Brewer, however, Wallace had the most votes statewide and is as good as elected. In Alabama, as in most other states, the Democratic nomination remains tantamount to election.

Since leaving office more than four decades ago, Governor Brewer has continued to teach law and government at Cumberland School of Law-Samford University, being especially concerned with the cause of constitutional reform. He presently serves as chair of the Alabama Constitutional Commission.

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