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City needs to resolve parking issue

Published 2:47pm Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Hartselle’s senior elected officials for helping to keep the city motto alive.

Over the years, people trying to navigate Sloss Street S.E. between Hickory Street and Short Street have had a very difficult proposition. On Sunday mornings, certain individuals would park along this street with little or no regard to anything except saving a few steps or parking in the shade, putting themselves above everyone and everything else.

This problem was brought to the attention of the police department and a representative of this department observed the situation. The police department did realize that due to the way these individuals were parking, it severely impeded the possibility for emergency vehicles to navigate the street in the ability to perform their duties. It was also a navigation hazard for the other drivers who tried to use the street.

Letters of concern were sent out to the establishment these individuals were visiting and it helped a little, but the problem still continued. The Street Department installed “No Parking This Block” signs on this block. This was a good attempt by the city to solve this problem but some people for whatever reason still continue to park along this street.

The police department is allowed to write down the license plate numbers of vehicles parked here. The owners of these vehicles will receive a phone call about their parking habits. I hope that this new type of law enforcement solves the problem before an emergency vehicle has to make a detour while responding to a call.

This problem has existed for many years and there have been many attempts to solve this problem. I am hoping that one day this problem will be resolved before something happens.

Don Sanders


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