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Just when I thought

Published 2:34pm Wednesday, August 7, 2013

As July shifts into August and the reminders that summer is winding down are starting to appear, just when I thought summer was in full swing, June and July are gone. Back to school sales are in full swing, last minute vacations are on the minds of lots of folks and even at church talk of fall activities is in the works. If you still think summer is not winding down, drive by your local high school, take note of the action. Football practice is already underway.

It may seem redundant and thinking of the often-used cliché “time flies,” this year has moved by even faster than previous ones.

However, maybe I will use another time-tested quote, “ time flies when you are having fun.” If that is the case, I have really had a blast this year. It seems like yesterday we were ushering in a new year and now we are down to only one-third of 2013 left.

While 2013 has moved by rather quickly, we have all grown a little older, hopefully also a little wiser. We have watched new babies born and said goodbye to family members and friends. We have seen new couples begin their lives together and watched as new careers have begun and sadly watched as some moved away to start their adult lives.

On a more personal note, just when I thought I was accustomed to the idea of my sons being away at school, I am reminded that in the almost blinking of my eyes they have gone from being our little boys to young men.

Our oldest Jordan is completing his residency in pharmacy. God willing this time next year he will be on his own making his way into the world. Just when I thought I was getting used to our youngest Jacob being three hours away, he will be moving 20 hours away to Wyoming. While he will only be away for five months, the distance will make it seem even further.

Nevertheless, in so many ways time does change things. Little boys grow into men, little girls into young ladies, young couples into parents, and folks my age into grandparents.

Time does not stand still and just when you think life is steady and the road ahead is smooth and straight, something will change and remind us that time is a precious gift from God, one that we should treasure. Just when I thought life is good, I know it truly is and I am enjoying my time.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.

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