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Bethel Road work is long overdue

Published 1:45pm Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate who ever the “numskull” is who told, or allowed Reed Construction to work on both ends of Bethel Road at the same time. You have successfully demonstrated your lack of consideration of the residents directly affected by this debacle. You have shown you know little or nothing about road construction, and what it entails. You might say we had to get done before school. Well, you should have done the Bethel Street and Bethel Road intersection four years ago. It has been a problem since Burleson Elementary was built. We know that because the police are there twice a day and it has gotten worse as time goes on. I pull out of my drive in the morning and do not know which way to go and two mornings both ends of Bethel Road were blocked and I had to go over school property to Roan Road to go to work.

Today, coming home, traffic was backed up to US 36 while a Reed Construction truck blocked the road. Then he casually got into his truck and drove toward the backed up traffic, turned around in a drive and slowly drove the other way. It almost seems the workers have contempt for the residents because they have to deal with us.

I know it is too late to change anything now, but those of you who have had any authority over this project need to get your head out of the sand and have consideration for the people you are supposed to be working for.


Gail Dunn

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