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Somethin’ good

Published 11:19am Saturday, August 24, 2013

There is an old hymn that begins with these words; “I just believe something good is about to happen, I believe something good is on its way.” I use these words to describe what seems to be happening in our local school system. There is a tremendous feeling that things are really about to break loose. I have been involved with the Hartselle Schools in one form or fashion for the past 40 years, and one almost gets a feeling of revival when visiting or talking to anyone involved with the system. The smiles on the faces of teachers, students and other faculty members are evidence of good things happening. Positive comments from these folks can also be heard.

When one thinks of revival, the action involved or mind set change many times refers to getting back to what is important and what matters. In terms of a gospel revival, one moves closer to God and further away from the inner man and sometimes the selfish desires that dwell within. Wikipedia has a definition of revival as a renewed interest of a person, place or thing.

Getting back to the school system, a revival can mean moving in a direction that is in the best interest of our children. Giving them the best education possible is goal one, both in terms of knowledge as well as becoming strong, productive contributors to society. In addition, developing strong moral values and character that they can take with them throughout their life is also included in this process.

The school system, and I am referring to all who are part of it, is moving in a direction that shows the needs of the students come first. Steps are being taken to make sure they have clean, modern buildings in which to attend class, dedicated, highly trained teachers and high tech equipment in the classroom.

In today’s society, it is essential that a safe learning environment is provided for our students while attending their school. Having the best administration, teachers and support personnel, who are dedicated to the student’s well-being, both academically and in extracurricular activities, in place will only enhance and encourage improvement in all areas.

Credit can also be given to Dr. Vic Wilson, the administration and board for making strides to reestablish and regain a portion of community support that was lost in the recent past. By getting other public officials, parents, as well as members of the community involved in the system can only continue to bring about positive change, and move Hartselle City Schools to an even higher level. I feel it in the air – something good is not only going to happen; it is happening now.


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