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Falkville Council denies ownership of Canon Road

Published 12:15pm Thursday, September 5, 2013

Falkville Town Council’s mayor and councilmen denied ownership of Canon Road and responsibility for its upkeep when asked by three property owners to make needed repairs on it at a regular council meeting Tuesday night.

Town Attorney Larry Madison reported that after conducting a search on the road’s status he found nothing that said it’s a county road.

“I questioned Morgan County Engineer Greg Bodley about the road and he said it’s not a county road and not subject to public maintenance,” Madison said. It’s up to you if you want to accept it as a country road.”

He added that District 2 Commissioner Don Stisher said a county requirement is that the road would have to be brought up to construction standards before it could be accepted for public maintenance.

Joe Brewer, a property owner whose land fronts on the road maintained that the road was a public road when it was annexed into the town.

“According to a letter signed by Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson in 1963, the road was accepted by the town,” said Brewer. “The town worked a deal to haul black gravel from a railroad bed to put on the road.“

“No one wants us,” Brewer added. “The reason why we’re here is to find out who is going to fix the road?”

Mayor Bob Ramey said Commissioner Stisher told him that bringing the road up to country standards would require the property owners to convey a 50-foot easement, in addition to a 50-foot easement at the end of the road.

Two of the three property owners present indicated they’d be willing to grant an easement.

Mayor Ramey said a search of city records would be made to determine if a former town council accepted the road for pubic maintenance and the matter would be on the agenda for discussion at the next council work session.

The council acted on other matters as follows:

•Approved a $1,000 appropriation for the American Red Cross as a FY2013-2014 budget item.

•Approved an annual maintenance agreement with Century-Link for $555.84.

•Approved $150 for K-9 training for police officer Vaughn Lambert.

•Approved $1,999.50 to purchase radios for Falkville Schools SRO.

• Authorized Falkville Public Library to spend $3,362,26 of its budgeted funds to purchase multiple items including toner for printer, a fixture and office supplies.

•Granted permission to the Falkville Library Board to renovate the library restroom at it own expense.

•Declared as surplus property playground equipment that has been replaced.

•Authorized the hiring of a full-time temporary city employee for up to two months.


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