Morgan County Marriage Licenses for Sept. 11

Published 11:43am Thursday, September 12, 2013

•Brian Johnny Smith, 05-10-1993, of Hartselle to Ashley Nicole Hutzler, 06-13-1995, of Hartselle

•Gary Lee Rice, 10-25-1969, of Decatur to Carmen Maria Massa, 09-29-1975, of Decatur

•John Michael Dupree, 12-14-1990, of Somerville to Alexandrea Lauren Wright, 02-28-1994, of Somerville

• Jerry Owen Smallwood, 04-25-1948, of Hartselle to Myra Denise Delk, 09-04-1956, of Hartselle

• Patrick Haden McClean, 04-07-1990, of Decatur to Adria Stefany Colomer, 10-21-1988, of Decatur

• Jeremy Todd Johnson, 05-20-1989, of Decatur to Ashli Elizabeth Spillman, 09-27-1991, of Decatur

•Javier Rolando Gonzalez, 06-02-1975, of Decatur to Marcella Dawn Kerby, 01-30-1975, of Town Creek

•Lucas Scott Hill,06-24-1992 of Trinity to Ashley Shane Crow, 08-26-1994, of Trinity

•Stephen Andrew Hicks, 02-07-1979, of Decatur to De Anna Marie Bell, 03-21-1981, of Decatur

•Zoltan Loi Jackson, 06-16-1967, of Decatur to Patricia Denise Ivy, 12-16-1979, of Decatur

•Michael Jon Jared, 04-25-1990, of Hartselle to Amber Brianna Dunn, 04-28-1993, of Hartselle

•Jeffrey Cofer Davis, 02-04-1978, of Madison to Emily Francis Jones, 09-30-1980, of Decatur

•William Martin McGuire, 04-03-1969, of Harvest to Mary Beth Tutwiler, 08-29-1969, of Decatur

•Christopher Lee Free-man, 03-02-1981, of Valhermosa Springs to Kassie Lynn Smithson, 01-30,1993, of Valhermosa Springs

•William Grant Pevahouse, 08-07-1990, of Decatur to Laura Elizabeth Cava-naugh, 08-25-1994, of Decatur

•Micah Wayne Hopper, 05-14-1962, of Kimberly to Rhonda Marie Burns. 06-07-1965, of Decatur

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