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Randal Cavnar GOP candidate for Morgan County sheriff

Published 11:56am Thursday, September 12, 2013

Randal F. (Randy) Cavnar, a retired police sergeant and a newcomer to politics, has announced his candidacy for Morgan County sheriff, subject to the June 2014 Republican Primary Election.

Randal Cavnar
Randal Cavnar

Cavnar, 54, said he first considered running for the office two years ago when he retired as a sergeant with 31 years of service with the Decatur Police Department.

“I’ve worked on my campaign for a year a half,” he said, “mostly getting my name out there through personal contacts. I decided to announce my candidacy at this time because I wanted voters to know that I have serious intentions.”

“I believe this is something I was put here to do,” he added. “My desire to the help make the Morgan County sheriff’s office the best one in the state. It’s not about me; it’s about serving the public better.”

Cavnar began his law enforcement career in 1980 and graduated from the Jacksonville State University Police Academy in 1981. As a traffic homicide investigator, he was involved in six criminal felony prosecutions, all of which ended in guilty verdicts.

Cavnar said his philosophy as a police sergeant was: “if I could teach my officers to be the best they could be, to operate with a high level of professionalism and common sense, they would perform better and be more effective to the public they were sworn to serve. As with the Decatur Police Department, my goal will be to leave the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department better than I found it.”

Cavnar emphasized that he is not a politician, but a lawman, and believes politics compromises the letter and intent of the law.

“This is not what a law is designed to do, nor is it what we as law enforcement officers take an oath to do,” he said. “I’ll take this same philosophy to the management side of the sheriff’s office.

Policies for the sheriff’s department regarding personnel will be as fair and equal as possible. You cannot have fairness if there is a political atmosphere. Morale is a major responsibility of the sheriff, and this is deeply compromised if politics are present.

Cavnar said he would vigorously enforce the law with respect to illegal drug sales and addiction problems, which endanger the lives of users as well as non-users.

“Strict enforcement of all drug offenses should be included in any drug enforcement policy, targeting all offenses the same as the other,” he said, Teamwork and communications not only in the sheriff’s department should be achieved, but with all other law enforcement agencies in the county, including the state, local or federal agencies. Also, a strong relationship with the law-abiding public is essential to a successful law enforcement mission.

Cavnar is a 1977 graduate of Austin High School, is married and resides in Decatur. He has two adult stepchildren and three step-grandchildren. He is a former resident of Hartselle.

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